Katawa Shoujo – Emi Route

The Most “Real” Hisao Yet, and The most Precocious Heroine

Well It’s time for Part 2 of 5, and it’s been a while FapService, between me getting work, going to EVO 2015, and working on every route on a certain project, It’s time for an update to my Katawa Shoujo routes.

Emi cover

Say no to that face, i dare you


That’s Right, were talking about the most Precocious girl on the Heroine route, and probably not in the least, very deep. Emi is a girl who practices and competes on the running team, which in turn if she was in real life would be super inspirational because she has no legs. Always the energetic one, she is caught most of the time running down halls, and mostly seen on the track. However her route I wouldn’t call her route or character as much as a breakthrough heroine as Hanako.


that alarm clock is telling you to go, only 1 hour till school

Yes, basic heroine is what i’d really use to describe her, she does have problems in the past, and a really good reveal after you get close to the true ending, but that isn’t what’s so great for her.


you’re trapped 😀


Yes her biggest asset and plot line is the fact is that her personality completely overlaps what the main character is capable of. You’re Hisao, a student with heart problems, enough so that when you try to even run, your heart palpitates. Making your condition actually in danger when pursuing this girl, and probably the most real route of the 5 girls.


Some scenes are just beautiful


To be completely honest, this is the most true to the original “Hisao” I feel you can get. Because Hisao actually has past problems that come into play with this story-line, as it feels that Hisao’s condition and past were dropped in the other 4 routes. However I think that tie-in is the most working technique when brought up to the playfulness of Emi, and her hard working personality.


Sshh protag is nervous


But as Heroine’s go, she’s cute as a button, and her personality works for that as much as her image does. I do think this is one of the most well planned routes, and could live up as a standalone heroine. I still think there are areas of improvement within her character, specifically the plot-line that brings her to not trust guys, or to lie occasionally. Well, ill see you guys next time. I plan to drop the mother load of eroge’s in August 😀