Keijo!!!!!!! fails to deliver in first blu-ray


No blu-ray changes, and the first special is pretty forgettable.

Thanks to mjmougen02 for posting a breakdown.  Here are the highlights:

Notable blu-ray non-changes:


keijo-v1-1 keijo-v1-2

Missed opportunity for redraw here, but you kind of got the sense that Keijo was never going to be the kind of show like Maken-Ki! Two that went aggressively for redraws.

The special:


keijo-v1-3 keijo-v1-4 keijo-v1-5 keijo-v1-6 keijo-v1-7 keijo-v1-8 keijo-v1-9 keijo-v1-10

Well, on the positive side, they actually figured out how to draw a butt for once, whereas the previous episodes almost seemed to be trying to make butts funny instead of sexy. And the art quality seems to be just as good as the series itself, which is an increasingly uncommon thing in specials these days.

Sadly, there is no nudity, and this really sucks because it doesn’t seem the episodes themselves will deliver anything.  It’s hard to be optimistic at this point, however it is worth noting that several nude ecchi series had non-nude specials, even HxH has kept things mostly non-nude in their specials and the TV episodes were practically hentai.  So maybe we see a softcore special at times, and at other times they deliver on the promise of the manga.  I’m kind of doubting it at this point, but the potential is still there.

We’ve also seen, albeit many years in the past, series like Kore-wa Zombie desu ka, Kampfer, Mai-Hime, and Upotte!!, wait until the very end before giving a token nude scene or two.  So hope is not completely lost, but it’s safe to say that this series, and the Fall 2016 season in general, have been huge disappointments for ecchi fans so far.


According to the sales numbers from, Keijo’s initial sales are around only 715 units or so, making it one of the bigger flops of the year.  Part of me is surprised- Keijo has excellent production values, directing, and art.  But part of me isn’t.  The show is repetitive and a bit boring, and appears to have done a bait and switch with viewers by promising a shameless service anime and failing to deliver (at least so far).

While part of me is happy to see such a disappointing show flop, it’s a bit sad to see Xebec come so close to having a masterpiece of an ecchi show only to blow it on the obvious stuff that they normally don’t miss.  I would rather have my ecchi anime still feel like anime, and not like hentai, and Keijo had the kind of potential to be exactly what ecchi fans needed.  Unfortunately, it seems to be falling short, and the sales are reflective of that.