Keijo!!!!!!!! Fanservice Review Episode 11

Me as I worked on the Keijo review. I regret nothing.

Anon here, with episode 11. Let’s skip all the minutia and delve right in.

Where on earth are those cards being stored?  Sheesh, these stages are anything but normal.
Image result for key and peele meme

 Shit, that’s some real attitude she has.And I thought the Fate/Stay Night parody was surprising.

 Those feet, though.
Nice, bare breasts (minus the nipples). Note: That is NOT jizz.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say about this move. I’m amazed it actually works.OH SHIT, HERE COMES MY FAVORITE GIRL!Lol, she’s so blunt about it. Woah, let’s not go that far. XD what a coincidence.I like her already. One of the more normal characters (even if she does possess that Japanese stereotype in her character) in terms of hair color and countenance (well, aside from the headband).Here she cums!She’s got a pretty well-sized rack on her too. Me likey.At this point we can’t really say much about the trolling with the nipples in the series.

Heh, well, I certainly wouldn’t want to be getting grinded on by her. 

Shit just got real. And here’s the much-deserved end card. This episode was certainly heated, but it only serves as a prelude for what’s to come. Personally, just getting to see my favorite character get some action was more than enough.

Props given to NoxBasket for the marvelous stitches.

‘Till next time.

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