Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari Episodes 2, 3, 4, 5 Fanservice Review


From the beginning of the season, I knew that Slave would occasionally have an episode that was filled with action and little service. When they happen, I’ll do a Wedding Rings catchup post. That said, here we are with a series of 4 episodes and some decent service. I won’t be going too in depth with the story, and images/webm’s will be primarily focused on site related content.


Episode 02:

A new, powerful enemy appeared in episode 02, powerful enough for Satou to retreat. Satou’s own strength is lacking because he needs more wives – causing a bit of an issue with Hime.


After a bit of marital talk, Satou and Hime consider crossing the line, but Satou relents because he wants the moment to be right. For those that bemoan protagonists like this, understand that it’s probably because the writer himself wants the moment to be right, as well as entice readers to buy more volumes to ensure the moment actually comes. It’s a double-edged sword.


Not sure what the stupid wind buffet beam is doing here, but this kind of obscuring layer has long outlived its welcome. To fix such in BD’s is forgivable, but these days proper BD corrections cannot be fully trusted.



Episode 03:

The NEET elven princess makes her appearance this episode. Her name is Nephrites. Anyway, Satou and co. travel to the elven kingdom to get the next princess, but he is imprisoned because her brother is overprotective of her. He’s eventually broken out of prison by a dark elf who leads him to the wedding rings owned by the elves, and ends up having some private time with her.


I may have been able to stitch this with some editing, but that would take me a while to get done. Given that the most eyecatching part is right there to see, I figured the diminishing returns would make it not worth it. Also, Nephrites has a nice ass.



Episode 04:

Monsters have breached a protective barrier the elves believed could not be penetrated. Dark elf tries to get Nephrites to act but she’s too scared.


Hime realizes that Satou needs more power to fight back the enemy, and despite her misgivings, asks Nephrites to marry Satou. After talking things out, Nephrites is convinced and commits herself to Satou, officially becoming his wife.


Satou fights back the enemy, but more importantly Nephritis proposes a trip to the bath which has healing properties.


I’m not about to use a color picker to see for sure, but the dark elves nipples look green. While I understand those who want something that goes against the grain, this is a bit much.


These two above shots are very brief, as in 1 or 2 frames. There’s no good lingering shot of Hime nude here and that’s a shame, as this is probably the best her nipples have looked so far, especially given episode 01’s obnoxious fog.


Quite a letdown. This could have been far better in the anime.


Episode 05:


Hime has a nightmare of being cucked. This will be a point of contention for a while, especially as more princesses join the fray.


I add these here to show that this brief segment of Nephrites and Hime having a talk was cut out. This would have occurred before they arrived at their next location. Maybe this will be added later?


I believe this panty shot, though brief, is an anime original.

The long and short of this episode is the group stumbles on a country whose capital was built on giant wheels and travels around selling themselves as mercenaries. This country also happens to hold two more wedding rings, and the princess above is the next girl to be courted.


Her name is Granat, and as the princess, she is expected to marry. The issue is that in order to do so, one must beat her in what appears to be a mock battle, but nobody is able. Satou is no different, at least for the moment, having his ass handed to him in short order. 


A bath scene to introduce a nude Granat. There’s probably more creative ways to do this but her normal outfit already has her half naked.



There wasn’t much in the way of interesting movement for this scene, so I didn’t bother with any webm’s. As for the story, Granat confides to Satou that she’s long been tired of the marriage interview battles, and offers to throw the next fight between them. She harshly critiques his fighting ability and says she has no expectations for him, causing Satou to reject the offer and say he’ll beat her all on his own. This brings us to the end of Chapter 13.

I don’t know when I’ll pick up the next Wedding Rings post because it depends on how Slave is going, but know that there are still 2 more princesses to pick up and more nudity to be had. Next week should have an imagination sequence with Hime, some teasing with Nephrites, and more action to push things along. Don’t expect any radical changes between now and the end, though.