Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 2 & 3

Double the ass, double the mass, double the FANSERVICE!! (^^)b

Episode 2:

The story continues with the introduction of Sanpeita’s little sister, Tamako. Tamako is a hardworking girl who is always responsible doing the house chores.

Tamako was angry upon finding¬†that her brother got himself a “girlfriend” but i think it should be a “wife” instead. XD But after she was saved by Kemeko,¬†she befriends Kemeko and welcomes her into the house, even calling her “sister”.

That night, Kemeko had dinner together with Sanpeita’s family members. XD

Episode 3:

The next day, Sanpeita wakes up with Kemeko sleeping next to him. Is that considered some kind of NTR?

After that, there are some ridiculous happenings in school such as Kemeko becomes a school teacher, Sanpeita getting thrown out of the classroom and then being hunted by a mysterious student.

This causes Sanpeita’s mysterious power to awakens with some erotic plant growing on top of his head. He returned back to his normal self after being defeated by Kemeko piloted by Mei.

So what is better than a girl of nice ass? The answer is surely 2 girls with nice ass!! (^^)v Mei was glad that Sanpeita was alright after the incident while Izumi was worried about Sanpeita by watching them secretly.

That’s all for the fanservice review of episode 2 and 3. We hope you find the fanservice was good too. Be sure to watch the anime to find out more because not much of the story was eleborated here. XD Last but not least, thanks for reading everyone and please stay tuned for the upcoming fanservice review because there will be a pool episode in the following episode!! (^^)v