Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 7

Big trouble!! A swimsuit dilemma for a summer vacation……

What’s up everyone!! Welcome back to another episode of fanservice review for the Kemeko Deluxe! anime. In this episode, the fanservice focus on Sanpeita’s busty childhood friend, Izumi!! I’m sure everyone is looking forward to it. So without saying much, lets proceed with the story. (^^)/

The story bigins with Izumi having wild thought on Sanpeita during the summer vacation. She is then uncertain about which swimsuit to wear during the summer vacation to capture Sanpeita’s heart. (She shouldn’t be worrying about Sanpeita tho, the audience’s heart is more important XD)

Izumi went out with MisakiĀ  to buy a new swimsuits but she fainted on the spot because she catches a cold. Misaki then went to find Sanpeita who is running away from Kemeko because he is not paying attention to her “purin purin” excercise and informs Sanpeita about Izumi.

Sanpeita then rushes to visit Izumi only to find that she was changing when he barged into her room. XD

Kemeko tries out different ways to cure Izumi from the cold to some extend that Sanpeita fainted upon trying them. One of the attempts of curing the cold is through cosplaying. XD

Since none of their attempts is working, Izumi tells them to go on the summer vacation without her if she couldn’t recover on time. After Sapeita regained consciousness, he believes that Izumi will recover on time before the trip. Izumi feels better upon hearing that. Sanpeita returns home together with Kemeko. Since Kemeko also catches a cold, Sanpeita teases Kemeko about her “purin purin” exercise and also trying to put a leek into her butt hole. XD

That’s all for the fanservice in this episode and we hoped that you’ll find this anime interesting too. Thanks for reading everyone. Till then, stay tuned for the following fanservice review for more fanservice to come!! Adios. (^^)v


See you guys in the upcoming reviews!!