Kemeko Deluxe! BD Fanservice Review: Episode 8

The samurai girl is wearing a thong!! 

Hey, what’s up everyone!! Welcome back to another fanservice review of Kemeko Deluxe. In this episode of fanservice review, majority of the fanservice come from pantsu!! Might be mouthwatering for some readers. XD So for those who are interested, be sure not to miss this one out!! (^^)/ The story starts with Ryouko getting some intel about Sanpeita ……

While Kemeko was participating in a ramen eating competition, Ryouko heads out the find Sanpeita.

It turns out that she was asking Sanpeita for a treat while offering in return. Hopefully it was what Sanpeita is really thinking about. XD Ryouko has no problems showing it out as well…..

After the meal, Ryouko makes her advances on Sanpeita while they were strolling together at the park.

Well, its is necessary to go to such lengths just to ask Sanpeita to get her a drink from the nearby vending machine? XD While Sanpeita was off to get it, a mysterious stalker appeared. Too bad there wasn’t much screen time for Izumi in this episode. (T_T)

Sanpeita got back only to realize it was a prank on him to lure out the mysterious enemy. XD When Sanpeita went back to meet Kemeko, everyone was celebrating on Kemeko’s victory over the ramen eating competition.

That’s all for the fanservice review in this episode. Please stay tuned to the following beach episode where massive amount of fanservice will be available!! (^^)b Last but not least, we hoped that everyone is enjoying this anime, thanks for the time reading this review!! Till then, we’ll see you in the next post. Adios (^^)v