Kenja no Mago: Fanservice Review Episode 7

If a war is coming, onsen are due.

OrĀ  at least, this is what they think in Kenja no Mago.

Bul let’s go back to the mixed drill with the knight-trainees. After the crushing display of power of previous episode, the knights learned to give proper respect to someone that can level forests and mountains.


August (the prince, in case you forgot) is also pretty concerned about the future of those that are learning from Shin and who are rapidly becoming weapons of mass destruction.

(this is, literally, the face of “I’m fed up with this shit”)


On subject, magicians of other groups are less lucky (and their knight counterparts seems more on the level of the “thug student from the technical school”… you know those with banana hair and an attitude), but since Shin already leveled them up a bit, each of his classmate is already on the same level of a mage of the Army and this means that picking a fight with them may be a bad idea for a smartass swordsman.

(first rule, you don’t get haughty with a shortie that can blast your head away) (second rule, you don’t say flat to a crazy witch specialized in freaking lightning storms) (third rule, you don’t ogle a girl that can turn you in a frosty unless she’s OK with it)


Bad for the knight-trainees, less bad for the mages, and apparently good for Shin. Aug also tells them they are simply too powerful to go around unchecked, so at the end of the Academy they will all go in a special team of magicians on the crown’s paycheck (note: Shin seems the only one bothered by it).


But apparently Shin isn’t still satisfied (no, not about getting cozy with Sicily, about the power-level of their classmates) and therefore he decides to hold a training camp. The fact that Sicily’s family holding is an onsen resort is a convenient coincidence and therefore the class takes off for a spring break extensive training session, of course accompanied by Shin’s grandparents.

(pretty convenient, uh?)


A unlucky pack of demons tries to ambush the group but they only manage to get Shin’s friends even more pumped-up.

(seriously, someone should stop her…)


So, by day this bunch of battle-crazy magicians plans to blast away pieces of the landscape for training… and by night?


Of course, onsen!

(these are the only pics you will get of these guys, but know that they spent 5 whole minutes in the useless male side)


Ok… with magic and onsen in the same show anyone could pretty much have an idea of where this episode should go, right? Right?


WRONG! They get some pretty heart-to-heart discussions both on the male and female side, but no interesting spells to spy on the other group, no people trying to sneak anywhere, not even Shin sneezing and by chance tearing down the wall between the two areas!

(get out of the way, pipsqueak)


Oh well, at least half of the girls go all crazy and touchy-feely on the others because they are flat and apparently if girl gropes girl it’s all absolutely legal…

(I would like you to have them too…) (no one gets away from the groping posse)


But all ends for the better when Melinda (Shin’s grandmother that if you ask me shouldn’t have appeared in an onsen episode) decides to go all-out with their training. Because they just weren’t enough magic monsters as it is…




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Overall thought: I’m pretty upset for lack of lust in this onsen episode. That said, the girls got great… character, so it’s all fine. Let’s hope for more.