Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 4 Fanservice Review

Ecchi that needs no introduction

Episodes 0-3 of the Kiss x Sis OVAs were covered by a writer who is no longer active. I’ll pick up where they left off two years ago and give complete coverage for one of the greatest fanservice experiences of all time.

Episode 4 involves the Suminoe siblings having sexy times at a hot spring. Titty sucking, french kissing, blowjobs on a candy dick, joystick motions on a real dick, bare ass shots, the works.

The ass-service in this episode is spectacular. Great attention to detail to give the sisters different panties with non-generic designs as well.

Ako vs Riko is one of those classic waifu debates with no clear answers. I favor Riko because there’s more to her design (fear of intimacy when being watched, band-aid on cheek, pony-tails) but you can’t really go wrong with either.

The sisters are forever in competition to claim Keita’s dick. Ako begins her battle formation by preparing a beverage that will make him drunk and horny. It immediately backfires.

Ako is able to salvage her botched plan by tempting Keita to come caress her wet body. The bait is super effective.

Gotta admire how aggressive Keita is. Never pusses out of an opportunity to fondle and make out with the girls who want him. You wish that every male in an ecchi harem scenario has his attitude.

Kiss x Sis lives up to its namesake in the next scene as Ako draws first blood

The second gif has sound enabled. Moans and porno music in the background may help with immersion; I’ll be making sound/no sound versions of every intimacy scene going forward.

Keita is too drunk to eat out his sister and passes out. Bummer. Ako compromises by doing street fighter combos with his dick before passing out herself.

It is now Riko’s turn to claim Keita for herself. She takes full advantage of the opportunity under a beautiful night sky. It’s quite the romantic scene. Imo, Riko has the more passionate intimate scenes of the twin siblings.

Keita passes out in the middle of a drunken stupor…again. The Suminoe’s leave their vacation horny and unsatisfied. Normally a sex scene being interrupted by happenstance is cause for frustration, but KxS gives us so much service beforehand (and afterwards) that you rarely feel cheated when it stops.

This episode produced over 30 webms and over 150 images. and I honestly feel like there was a lot left on the table. The kissing scenes themselves can produce more media than entire episodes of non-spectacular ecchi anime. It’s a labor intensive project to be sure, but my god is it ever worth it.¬†Excited in more ways than one to cover the rest of this in the near future. Ideally on a week to week basis.

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