Kiss x Sis OVA Episode 6 Fanservice Review

A classic ecchi physical exam episode

Physical exam day gives Kiss x Sis the excuse to go wild with strip teases and erotic fantasies. The result is something north of forty webms. Let’s dive in.

No changing episode would be complete without the peepers around.

Mizuki is a fairly controversial character for KxS. Turns out a lot of people are grossed out by pissing fetishes. That ain’t water in that cup.

Keita is never fazed by being doused in Mikuni’s piss. Either has the self restraint of a god or he’s turned on by golden showers. It’s the latter.

Ako and Riko are pumped up to compete for best measurements in the Suminoe household. The loli representative Mikazuki will be there to observe.

The girls somehow manage to turn their stretching into training to fuck Keita. Impressive levels of degeneracy.

Of the non-sister girls, Mikazuki is by far the boldest of Keita’s harem. That’ll be made more apparent in the next episode.

Mikuni retreats to her natural habitat – the bathroom, to collect another urine sample. She is unable to use the restroom and decides to finger herself to a rape fantasy instead.



Just missing the “I’m so fucked up” caption.

The siblings competition is interrupted by Mikuni’s ttities being measured by her homeroom teacher. It’s such a fascinating event that a crowd forms. Some even volunteer assistance.

Yuzuki-sensei is so mesmerized by Mikuni’s tits that she has an erotic fantasy about Keita doing the same to her.

Keita tossing Mikuni aside like a ragdoll here is hilarious. So is that derp face once he sees Yuzuki bust open that shirt to reveal her bra.


Yuzuki tries the most to hide her degeneracy, but she’s no less a pervert than the rest of the harem. Perhaps the most perverted considering she’s a teacher who wants to fuck her underage student.

Mizuki’s defining trait is on display here – massive tities. And glasses depending on who you ask. You can almost forgive the pissing fetish because of that.

These are supposed to represent Ako’s erect nipples. Probably took more time to animate than to draw nipples.

Ako tries to massage her titites so that she beats Riko in measurements. Riko hilariously accuses her of doping.

Ako is slightly heavier than Riko. She strips for a redo of the weigh in. They have zero shame about this competition and that’s why we love them.

Ako wins the weigh in by exposing a loophole in the rules. Or so she thinks – Yuzuki-sensei still includes their original weight when clothed which then makes Riko the winner of the competition. She allowed Ako to strip just for the sake of fuckery.

The episode ends with Mikuni on a toilet. Again. Unfortunately not the last time we see her in this position. Keita gets busted for peeping, though he was actually trying to stop those other kids from peeping on the girls before himself. This has been the only episode of KxS without kissing, curiously enough. The Mikuni rape fantasy, Yuzuki groping fantasy are a fine substitute.

The next episode is dedicated almost exclusively to the loli Mikazuki. It’s one of my favorite episodes of Kiss x Sis.

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