Koi Koi Seven fanservice compilation

Until just recently it was actually pretty damn hard to find this show uncensored.


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Series Information


Production Company:  Studio Flag,Trinet Entertainment

Vintage:  Spring 2005


Nipple sightings from other Studio Flag produced anime:




Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from Studio Flag:



Nipple sightings from other Trinet Entertainment produced anime:




Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from Trinet Entertainment:




Notable Seiyuu


Nana Mizuki as Yayoi Asuka


Nana Mizuki is also well known for her roles as:


Also featuring


Norio Wakamoto as Headmaster


Thoughts on the anime


What Spaceballs was to Star Wars, what Hot Shots was to Top Gun and Rambo, what Scary Movie was to Scream, Koi Koi Seven is to Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Now, copying other manga and anime is nothing new in the business.  D.Gray-man started off as a pretty transparent ripoff of Full Metal Alchemist before becoming more of a Bleach ripoff in the last two seasons.  The first season of Bleach borrowed heavily from existing shonen anime like Inu YashaFREEZING is a pretty obvious mix of Claymore and IkkitousenCode Geass and Mirai Nikki both borrowed heavily from Death Note.  The Macross v. Gundam debate.  And as those shows and others have proven, being a ripoff doesn’t prevent a show from still being pretty good in it’s own right.

Where Koi Koi Seven differs is that it straddles the line between outright EVA ripoff and comedy spoof.  Many of the characters are obvious references to Evangelion, particularly the Rei and Asuka look alikes.  Koi Koi Seven was hardly the only show to copy EVA’s formula (I don’t care what anyone says, Rahzephon was a blatant EVA ripoff with more major similarities than minor differences), but Koi Koi Seven WAS the only one such show to set the fanservice levels to “fap.”

On TV, it aired with blank boobs, then later added nipples on DVD.  Since this is an old and forgotten show, it’s actually pretty hard to find this series uncensored these days, most fansub groups did the TV version but didn’t bother with the DVD.  I was lucky to get my hands on a decent source.

The reason they didn’t bother?  To be frank, this show is pretty terrible, especially if you are the kind of anime fan that refuses to laugh at lowbrow humor.  Though I will confess, a few of the early episodes got some chuckles out of me.  Like when the school goes on total lock-down and even the toilets grow restraints to prevent escape.

This anime aired during the middle of 2005, which was a fallow time after the first ecchi boom of the early 2000s.  A time when companies were backing off of nude fanservice series and doubling down on non-nude tease shows.  As far as I know, Koi Koi Seven was the only nude fanservice series to begin airing in 2005, and as far as I know, Air Gear was the only nude fanservice series to begin airing in 2006, and Air Gear didn’t exactly have a ton of nudity.  Things would pick up slightly in 2007 (Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny) and then take off in 2008 (Kanokon, To Love-Ru, etc).


Thoughts on the fanservice video


The art is obviously very low quality, and the non-nude fanservice section wasn’t all that great.  But I actually kind of liked the way they drew nipples.  You definitely did not have to squint to see them.


Favorite Character


I don’t really have one.  I guess I’d say the older blonde assistant lady was pretty hot, would have been nice to have seen more of her.