Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! 2 Episode 1 TV Fanservice Review

It’s been a long wait guys. So it’s my pleasure to announce that Konosuba season 2 is finally here!

In case you forgot, Kazuma found himself under arrest and sent to jail for treason towards the conclusion of season 1. As Aqua tries in vain to break him loose, he is subjected to a titillating and amusing interrogation by Sena (the sexy prosecutor who appeared at the end of season 1). Due to his connections with Wiz, he is deemed to be an underling of the Devil King and therefore put on trial.

As hard as Aqua, Megumin and Darkness try to defend him, his perverted crimes are brought to light instead, which sways the judge towards a guilty verdict. However, Darkness comes to his rescue utilizing her heritage to the Dustiness family as a bailout tool.

The gang is back!

It’s Sena the new girl

Tryin ta grab tat ass eh

Darkness is at it again!

And there’s Wiz!

Luna is back!

Yay her blouse loosened even more this season!

What an ass as always~

Aqua concurs

I know you’ve all been waiting for this

Thank you too~ hehe

Stitches courtesy of Aikaflip

WebMs courtesy of ScissorMeTimbers


A piece of good news. A second OVA is slated for July 2017! If the first OVA is anything to go by, this one should be as good if not better, and I’m already starting to salivate in anticipation. Look forward to it!

In my opinion, the second season got off to a good start, with a curvy prosecutor who really knows how to pose joining the fray. If you ask me, this show can definitely do better in ecchi terms considering what happened in season 1 episode 9 and the OVA. Hopefully it delivers more creative fanservice for the rest of this season. Till next week!