Kotetsu no Daibouken fanservice compilation

Back in the day you could hardly find a good action anime or manga without seeing lots of boobs in it.  Kotetsu no Daibouken is no different.


Torrent:  Nyaa

DDL:  part1, part2


Back in the 90s anime typically avoided nudity on TV, but compensated for this by being much more willing on straight to video OVA.  The Kotetsu no Daibouken  OVA is heavy on nudity, which is faithful to the original manga which was big on superfluous nudity as well.

Of course, any time you are dealing with older material you are at the mercy of what you can find, and this often means very low resolution or video that wasn’t properly deinterlaced.  In this case, the quality is okay considering it’s age, but unfortunately the interlacing was baked into the encode by whoever did it originally.

Might as well mention it here, I’ll probably switch hosts roughly 24 hours from now (best case scenario).  When that happens you’ll know because I’ll bring back the fanservice compilation tabs and I’ll start bringing back streaming video too.  It’ll be a relief to not have to walk on egg shells anymore.  It just isn’t as much fun when you can’t show bare boobs on the front page.