Kunoichi no Ichi manga fanservice compilation

This updated compilation includes volume five of the first series, and all five volumes of the second.  Also included are some fun “extra” uncensored pictures.




Most of this compilation was made from free sources, though volume five of the second series has yet to come out on the “public” manga download places.  I got the ebook for the last volume, and v4 of the second season as well for quality reasons.  So this is a little bit of a fapservice exclusive, for the moment.

The creator of this series is active on Pixiv where he posts redos of his art from this manga where the girls are uncensored even further.  Mostly, to add pubic hair and some slightly blurry pussy.  You can support him here as I have.  It’s been a lot of fun checking every few days to see what he posts next.  He takes requests for specific pages of this manga to make more uncensored, which is pretty cool.  If only Kentaro Yabuki would do this…

The images aren’t just extra uncensored, they are in massive resolution.  I included some of his pixiv images in the download link, but to be fair to him I greatly reduced the resolution on them.  If you want the original ultra res versions, you’ll need to support him at Pixiv.


Kunoichi no Ichi (5 volumes, complete)
Kunoichi no Ichi no Ni (5 volumes, complete)