Kyonyuu Dragon manga fanservice compilation



PSA: In the event of a zombie apocalypse seek strippers for protection.


Published in 2004 in Young Magazine Uppers and written and drawn by Rei Mikamoto. This a story about a zombie outbreak and some strippers fighting against them. Obviously from that concept you can tell this is supposed to be more along the lines of a blood and gore filled comedy with nudity and not a super serious zombie story.

There is no reason given for the zombie outbreak just suddenly a horde of zombies appear and start attacking the area. Reports on the news begin warning people and after realizing it isn’t a joke the strippers discover the zombies have now reached the strip club. As a result they now have to fight the zombies and anyone that has turned into one from being bitten such as patrons and other strippers as they try to escape. As with anything zombie related there is plenty of gore but since the main characters are strippers there is also plenty of nudity as well and sometimes both combined. Even though this is only one volume it is still an entertaining read as long as you just want something with zombies and nudity and don’t want to think too much.

The story even manages to do things you wouldn’t expect such as what happens with the main character. About halfway through she stops being the main character and turns into an enemy and another character takes the main character role in her place. This happens due to the main character being bitten herself and in an effort to stop the poison from spreading she tries burning her injury with fire. This results in the poison mutating and she becomes a super zombie much stronger then the others and attacks everything both zombie and human alike. This isn’t a case of the main character getting some special powers due to some event when all seems lost and then using those powers to save the day like in some shounen but instead she legitimately becomes a threat to the others along with the zombie horde.

I wish the story would have continued on for another volume as it does end on a cliffhanger of sorts. As with stories of this type almost everyone dies except for two of the main characters. The character who takes on the role of the new main character midway through and another character who you actually would have expected to die but didn’t are the only survivors. The end of the story takes place a year later with the zombie outbreak over but a few still remain including the original main character in her super zombie form. The new main character joins a group to hunt her down as she is killing large amounts of people that come near the now abandoned strip club. The other character that survived is also implied to be searching for the old main character as well and even has a artificial claw hand to replace the hand she lost to her. So there was plenty of set up for a possible continuation but that never occurred unfortunately (the final chapter after that is just a flashback to before the story starts).

The series is only 8 chapters and translated so its not a long read and if you just want to see zombies and nudity in a not serious story without having to deal with too much thinking it gives you just that. There is no detailed and complex science stuff to explain the zombies or anything like that just zombie killing and breasts which is plenty enough to be entertaining.

Kyonyuu Dragon : 1 Volume (Complete)


Why hasn’t there been a harem anime in which the main character reluctantly becomes the manager of a strip club and harem shenanigans occur. Or if you want to be unique make it a strip club for zombie strippers only.