To Love-Ru Darkness 2nd announced!


Announced yesterday at Jump Fiesta.  Same cast and crew.

The To Love-Ru manga is one of the best-selling ecchi manga of all-time, and the anime version is one of those rare anime series that actually increase in sales with each successive season.  In an era where bare boobs are now seen as a bit of a sales killer, To Love-Ru  is a shining exception.

The timing of the recent fifth OVA and upcoming sixth OVA hinted at another season coming sometime in 2015, and now it’s official.

This was hands down the most inevitable ecchi sequel we could expect going forward, but this is still pretty exciting news.  Not only for diehard To Love-Ru  fans, but for the ecchi genre itself.  The anime industry needed a reminder that ecchi done right not only sells BDs, but is a merch gold mine as well.

Sometimes announcements happen a month before a show airs.  Sometimes three months, sometimes six months.  Rarely is it more than that.  Given that the announcement only mentions the project being “green-lit” and not “in production,” that would hint at them being in the early stages right now.  But even if they started just today, they could probably have it ready in time for the Summer season, or the Fall season at worst.  All speculation of course.

The first series covered tankobon volumes one through five.  It seems logical to think the next season would cover tankobon volumes six through ten, which have already been released in full color, so we already have a nice preview of what’s ahead.  The next season will likely focus on Nemesis and Yami’s “devilish” alter-ego, as hinted at by the series key visual seen above.

After what was a bitterly disappointing year in ecchi, it’s great to see that 2015 is primed for a huge rebound with the two biggest ecchi series (To Love-Ru  and DxD ) coming back for sequel seasons.  Three, actually, if that Strike Witches  spin-off TV series ever happens.