To Love-Ru Darkness ch. 54: Fun size fanservice


Haruna comes over to visit, and it doesn’t take long before the latest happy accident sets up a new ‘problem’ for Rito.

In this case, Rito and Haruna are shrunk to action-figure size after activating one of loli Lala’s mechas.  This shrink effect only effects the body and not the clothes, so…


ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_14 ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_15 ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_16


Rito and Haruna are now naked, and without a closet of tiny clothes available, have to dress themselves in tissue paper.  Haruna’s parents happen to stop over and tell embarrassing stories in the dining area while Haruna and Rito are terrified of being found out.


ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_17 ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_21


Haruna slips off the bed, Rito tries to save her and sort of does, while getting an eyeful.


ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_26 ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_27


This gets Maron (the dog) on high alert, and attention from a dog might not be the best when both Haruna and Rito stand about four inches tall.




Time to hide!




While hiding and huddling together, this somehow happens:


ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_37 ToLoveRuDarkness_ch54_38


Apparently this was an accidental kiss, although we never see any evidence of it being an accident (slipping, etc).  IIRC, it’s the first time Rito and Haruna have kissed, and it becomes an important plot point for several chapters that come after.

Credit to CxCScans for the scanlations.