Made in Abyss Review Episodes 9-11

Your favorite bunny has arrived.

Let’s see where to begin… Episode 9 is anime original. Now it should be noted that episode 9 covers the third layer. In the manga the third layer was breezed by. The author of the manga also tweeted out that episode 9 would have been what he would of done for the manga. So, you can consider it cannon if you’d like. Overall the episode was great to me personally. It gave Riko a chance to shine in the abyss without relying on Reg so heavily. Moreover, episode 10 reveals just how deadly the abyss can be. Due to the nature of that episode and what this website is about I didn’t include many visual aids of it. I will rarely ever say this, but episode 10 did a better job than the manga. Crazy stuff I know. If you are one that’s seen both versions then you know they really went hard with in the show. Episode 11 calms it down a bit, however now we’re on our way to a rather sad conclusion…Enjoy!


Episode 9:


Episode 10:

Introducing the fan favorite, Nanachi!


Episode 11:

Isn’t Mitty a cutie?

No best dad this season sadly.




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Two episodes remain for this series. Get ready to be introduced to a true man of science and a truck load of feels.