Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara Second Season TV Fanservice Review Episodes 04 – 06


Wait, evil mascot creatures in magical girl shows have assholes?  Who knew???


For more information about this show please see the Anime section of Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara Second Season TV Fanservice Review Episodes 01 – 03.

Sorry ecchi fans but Nante S2 goes for moe over ero in episodes 04 – 06.  There is some fanservice but it’s mostly in the henshins which are repeats…

Episode 04


WTH???  Was NOT expecting to see an asshole in Nante S2…


Oh no!  Yuzuka has figured out that the evil mascot creature IS an asshole…

04-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap 05-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap

Evil mascot creatures smoke cigarettes too…  (Actually it’s a candy cigarette.)

06-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap 07-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap 08-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap 13-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap

And Nante S2 comes equipped with anti-evil mascot creature weaponry of its own.  Her name is Chiya…

14-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap 15-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-04-snap

Episode 05

02-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 03-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 04-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 05-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 07-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 08-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap

The fish probably died from shock after seeing how cute Daiya is…

09-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 11-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 13-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 14-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 16-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 19-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap

Daiya is just so darn cute…  (Fun stitch to make too.)

21-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 22-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 24-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 26-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 27-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-stitch 28-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 29-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap 30-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-05-snap

Episode 06

02-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 03-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

Mafuyu is just too happy to see Yuzuka.  She thinks Yuzuka is so cute…

05-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 06-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 07-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 08-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 09-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

Faux yuri but I had to loop this webm.  XD

10-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 12-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 13-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

LOL.  Sure looks like Mafuyu is sneaking in a kiss for Yuzuka here…

14-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 16-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 17-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 18-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 19-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 20-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 21-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

Mafuyu thinks Yuzuka is REALLY CUTE!

22-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 23-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 24-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 25-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

26-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 27-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 28-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 29-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

An abbreviated henshin here.  One we haven’t seen before.  Too bad it doesn’t have more fanservice…

30-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 31-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap


Evil mascot creature love…  They need more of this kind of love.  Or else they might go around murdering innocent magical girls…  🙁


34-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 35-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

But Chiya is the best girl for taking care of evil mascot creatiures….

36-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 37-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 38-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap

39-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 40-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 41-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 42-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 44-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-snap 45-mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-ep-06-stitch


Turns out there is a fair bit of omake out there for Nante.  It is season 2 after all…

mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-fr-eps-04-06-omake-01 mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-fr-eps-04-06-omake-02 mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-fr-eps-04-06-omake-03 mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-fr-eps-04-06-omake-04 mahou-shoujo-nante-mouiidesukara-s2-fr-eps-04-06-omake-05


I’m starting to think that Nante S2 might have a pretty low budget and it looks better than its budget really is.  Most of the fanservice in these three episodes was repeated from the first three episodes.

But they also seem to be upping the yuri card a little bit.  I don’t think they’ll go very far with yuri but we do have one yuri girl in Chiya and they do seem to sneak in some yuri-like scenes from time to time.

I really wasn’t expecting to see an asshole in Nante S2.  Even if it’s only an evil mascot creature…

It’s surprising how much of the fanservice this season is in anime shorts.  Full length shows seem to have let ecchi fans down a bit this season.  🙁

Yuzuka is just way too cute.  Especially when blushing…

And there’s a surprising amount of fanservice for a cute loli kind of show.  Most of it is done in a moe kind of way though…

What a cute ass Yuzuka has.  Especially for her age.  They actually uncensored a bare ass scene in the BDs for Season 1.  (That will be covered in my review of the last four episodes of Season 1.)

Ecchi fans now know from Season 1 that BDs will be uncensored from the TV show.  Not much but better than blinding beams of light.  Just don’t expect nipples especially since most of the girls are lolis.


All of my HD WebMs were included.   For downloading, you can find my albums here: 04, 05, & 06.  (Note that I did not make WebMs for episodes 04 & 05.)