Maicchingu Machiko Sensei manga fanservice compilation


The early 80’s TV series Maichingu Machiko Sensei was based on a manga by the name Miss Machiko, which unfortunately is pretty tough to track down right now.  In 2006, a few one shot spinoffs were made: Pink Box, Black Box, and White Box.  Each of them was a one volume edition.

This series and its manga versions all have an art style that is reminiscent of a newspaper comic, which just makes the nudity and fanservice that much more bizarre.  Now before you judge this as worthless, the innocent style of this series lets them get away with a lot of perverted shit under the guise of humor.  In fairness, the anime can be hilarious at times, so it’s not as if this series doesn’t legitimately work on a comedic level.


Maichingu Machiko Sensei:  Pink Box  (1  volume, complete)



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