Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai! Episode 2

In episode 2 we get the first nudity of the anime. Remember to click the gear button on the webm’s for a High Definition version, as at my current authorship level I am unable to have High Definition on by default.

Miyako invades Yamato’s room at night, enters his bedding, and begins stroking a phallic object. Miyako making bold moves like this is not uncommon – her obsession with Yamato is first demonstrated in the anime in this scene. Unfortunately for her, Yamato anticipated this and used a “substitution technique,” replacing himself with a bed roll and his phallus with something he titled “My Big Magnum.”


Later, Ayanokouji Maro, history teacher at Kawakami Academy, is offering meal tickets to anyone that finds his lost dog. Yamato accepts for 144 meal tickets, which sets the plot for this episode.


Yamato proposes this job to the Kazama Family and they accept, but Momoyo is upset because she wasn’t aware they’d be looking for a dog and wanted a task she could have “wild fun” with.


The Kazama Family spots the dog and give chase. They barge through a small shopping center which gives us some light service with Chika (brunette, who I could not successfully make a stitch of as the camera pans down too quickly and excludes a part of her midriff), and Mayo (pink hair, who is also our resident loli).


The Kazama Family loses track of the dog and gives up for the day. Meanwhile, Ageha and Azumi have a cryptic discussion regarding an unknown entity, referring to “their” actions during the battle in the previous episode, and telling Azumi to “stay on alert.” More importantly, our first nudity of the anime is in the very next scene.


Note: Wanko’s tits aren’t nearly this big in the Visual Novel. See for yourself!

Our bath scene is cut short as the girls of the Kazama Family spot the dog they were chasing earlier in the episode. Seeing this, they immediately begin pursuit. Thus ends the major service for the episode. The lack of webm’s here is due to the lack of movement in all of the girls in this scene. It’s mostly head turning, talking, with no rotation of bodies that would lead to any kind of bounce. Unfortunate, but not every anime is High School DxD.


The girls barge into a room Yamato is in, get pissed that he’s seen them naked, and kick his ass. This however, allows the dog to escape again. The group give chase and this time, the dog leads them to a nearby warehouse, where some thugs are residing.


The common thugs are taken down, but the Kazama Family is ambushed by another group consisting of three women, which Yukie remarks are “quite skilled.” They are recalled by their leader however, and escape through the roof and drop a grenade to prevent the Kazama Family from pursuing them.


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The group is protected by the grenade’s explosion by Momoyo, but in the chaos, the girls end up covering Yamato. Miyako and Wanko in particular give him the marshmallow hell treatment. Afterwards, the same group that ambushed the Kazama Family in the warehouse return, and remark they didn’t expect them to be there.

This is the final scene of the episode before the credits, which is mostly a slow panning shot of Momoyo performing a back float in the water. I’m sure she doesn’t need to try too hard to stay floating with a pair that big and an ass of that size. Her tits in particular may actually be able to function as flotation devices. Brief autism note: Momoyo canonically has the biggest tits in the entire franchise at 90cm/35.5in. You can check the numbers yourself on Minato Soft’s website!

These credits also feature Yukie’s cell phone strap named Matsukaze which she ventriloquizes through. Speaking of Yukie, if you’ve taken a liking to her, as I did so many years ago, next episode features her heavily. Until then, see you next time.