Majikoi Episode 5&6 Fanservice Review!

Episodes 5 and 6 are both scarce on fanservice, so they will be combined.


Episode 05:

Miyako antics are the cause for our opening scene yet again, as Yamato discovers his collection of girls wearing bloomers has been vandalized by Miyako, who glued pictures of her face onto each girl leading to some minor service.


Kokoro arrives at school believing the students are smiling at her presence. She’s told however, that they are ridiculing her because of what happened during episode 1. Class 2-S blames their defeat on Kokoro’s failure. In a rage, Kokoro breaks Jun’s (bald guy) phone, and swears revenge against Yamato.


Kokoro spots Yamato in the hallway and challenges him to a duel, but Yamato ignores her and she puts him in a headlock. Yamato eventually gets out and ignores Kokoro’s challenge. Kokoro vows to force him into the challenge.


Kokoro is given a brief presentation on Yamato in an effort to discover how best to have him accept her challenge. Her servants conclude that angering him is the best way. When this fails, she attempts to seduce him (leading to the swimsuit shots above) which fails as well. After rudely ruining a meal that was prepared by his friends, (probably Yukie) Yamato challenges Kokoro to a duel.


Kokoro, as you can see, is our major service provider this episode, but unfortunately does not show her breasts. Also, for most of these shots she’s not drawn with any visible cleavage. This is rather strange because despite being on the smaller side there should still be some. I actually hadn’t noticed until just recently when it was pointed out to me, but Kokoro’s kimono in the visual novel is different than in the anime. Her sleeves have the flower design in the visual novel but not in the anime, probably to save on cost. Anyway, if you want to see her tits here you go – straight from her route in Majikoi! S, which is disappointingly short.


A good variety of positions on display in her route. While short, there are other sub-heroines who have only one scene and almost no significant development to their character. There are other sub-heroines who were treated far worse, so I’ve always appreciated what was given with Kokoro.


Kokoro challenges Yamato to a duel, and being a skilled practitioner of Judo, kicks his ass. Yamato does not give up easily however, and continues to fight despite having no chance of winning. Shaken by his determination, and finally realizing the passion required to take such a beating in the name of his friends for something so seemingly trivial as a homecooked lunch, Kokoro is brought to tears and apologizes for her actions. Kokoro discovers Yamato is wearing some kind of body armor, which somehow is able to mitigate concussive force. Kokoro, embarassed by her display of emotion, storms off. Momoyo carries an exhausted Yamato home, chiding him for challenging a Fushikawa and expecting to walk away unscathed.


We get a nice ending shot with Chris, and that’s it for Episode 05. Kokoro, despite not being a major character, gets some of the spotlight, and some character development that demonstrates the depth of her character through the veneer of nobility and arrogance. 


Episode 06:


Who else would you expect to introduce our episode? Miyako again has no qualms in showing off her body to Yamato (and us the viewers).


Yamato explains the autistic lengths he went to disguise “illegal” pornography among his other pornographic videos. After preparing for a beat-off session he turns on his TV to find that his video isn’t playing, and soon discovers that Miyako is hijacking his broadcast and filming herself. Following the cable to the source, Cookie films while Miyako leads Yamato to her bed. When Yamato rebuffs her she explains she wanted to create an actual JAV for (and with) him. Yamato ties up Miyako and Cookie and leaves the room.


The majority of this episode centers around the Kanamara Festival held at the Kanayama Shrine, (this festival actually exists) which celebrates the penis. As a quick side, this is the actual legend: “A jealous sharp-toothed demon hid inside the vagina of a young woman whom the demon fell in love with and bit off penises of two young men on their wedding nights. After that the woman sought help from a blacksmith, who created an iron phallus to break the demon’s teeth, leading to the enshrinement of the item.”

The Kazama family is due to carry a palanquin holding a statue resembling a giant penis at the festival. As you can guess, a majority of the comedy involves the women being embarassed about the thought of penises, the sight of a giant penis, and the men being proud of the phallus. The episode takes the opportunity to push this idea to its limit with the phallic shaped food found at the festival, with some of the men obviously taking great interest in observing the women eat it.




Momoyo demonstrates the proper way of eating phallic shaped food while the others follow suit. To conclude, she instructs the girls to “bite it off,” to the horror of the men watching. This is amusing, because if you want to see the girls sucking an actual cock, just play the visual novels because all five of them do it for Yamato, as well as a large amount of the sub-heroines across the many fandiscs for this series.



Webm Album

For service content, that’s the end of the episode. There’s plot to the episode, but that’s only if you want to see two men (one partially nude, and one completely nude) fight it out, or Yamato having a brief scuffle with a mysterious figure who plays a significant role in later episodes, which I will detail when the time comes. Also, I was probably pushing the limit of allowed images for the post, so obviously I will axe a majority of non-service content.

Service continues a grim slide as these episodes progress, and the compression of multiple episodes into one review will continue as well. We will get another nipple sighting next review, but don’t hold your breath. It’s nothing spectacular.

Until then, see you next time.