Majikoi S!! Review – The Continuation

Anyone Remember Majikoi the 2011 Hit Ecchi Anime? Well here’s an adventure for you.

Well, it goes further into the steps into a Visual Novel, which of course has full frontal, but I’m toning this one down for the post, but there are quick ways you can get to playing this demon.


For shame!

But I will say this, this continues after the first Majikoi VN, but because of the anime, it isn’t really that hard to continue where we all left off the anime. Hence one of the kookiest VN’s I have ever read. It contains short animated scenes, and really jumpy visuals and transitions that had me floored. The drawings are very well done, and the personalities of the main girls minces well with the new cast.



Amongst other things, the voices are essentially the same as the main cast you heard in 2011. But do not expect any character development from any of the previous girls besides what you have seen. The focus is the newer girls, and any route’s you take in the painfully obvious easily obtainable is simply just there for Fapservice Material.


Well its essentially just a really well done game, and If you guys ever want to make a conversion to get started on VN’s, here’s a good starter if you’ve seen Majikoi previously. The downside to the game is that there are transitions are way too flashy at several points that illustrate a fighter scene, which isn’t bad if some of the effects were varied, and more spaced out for us. It’s like watching a really bad porygon episode of Pokemon. . .





On the other side of things, it’s also nice to see the hidden sides of characters, especially ones who you only visit for a short time in the anime. Overall I recommend the game to anyone starting VN’s, and anyone wanting to kill some mindless hours, and see some more characters in the Majikoi universe!



This ones for Cuye