Manyuu Hikenchou Specials Episode 2 Fanservice Review


This OVA nearly ruined ecchi as erotica for me, as the bar was set so high by Hoods ent  in 2011. A pair of tits could no longer just be a pair of tits; now they were compared to Manyuu’s lofty standard of tits. In fact typing things about the episode feels counterintuitive as there are better uses of my hands. Such as finishing my crocheting  projects of course.

Kaede, ever so thirsty for Chifusa’s titites, dives straight into that bosom for some les-yay action

I typically don’t post screencaps of stitches, but…this was too good to pass up. The elasticity of boobs in Manyuu, and the variations of how they are toyed with, is a sight to behold.

In my fanfic headcanon, I imagine Chifusa and Kaede are having sex in this scene. Chifusa has the power to force Kaede off her if that was so desired. The position changes would suggest some agency on her part. and obviously she’s turned on.

My only “criticism” of this OVA is Kaede’s thoughts being loudly voiced over Chifusa’s moans. Her annoying screeching makes it more light hearted than passionate, as I imagine it being. Fortunately we have the option to mute sound though! And a soundless version of the above webm is available in the album link.

Picture Diary

If I were a braver man of culture, this would be my screensaver on every smart device that I own. It would decrease my work productivity by -200%, but totally worth it.

Idk what else needs to be said about this series. If you like large oppai foreplay,  which to me seems like a basic human instinct, its great. Perhaps the best of all time. If you don’t, it may not be noteworthy.

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