Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 04 Fanservice Review

Make it better

A decent episode with some serious downside – I’m still unsure of what to think about this as a whole. I maintain that any take 4 episodes in is at best subject to change regardless of what you think.

In response to the humanoid Shuuki, the Head Commander has expressed her desire for the Anti-Demon Corps to work together more closely than before. Kyouka wants to assess both squads, and offers an exhibition match to demonstrate their current capabilities.


Himari asks Kyouka for help in preparing for her match against her sister. To this end, she claims Yuuki as her slave for the moment.


Part of Himari’s training involves testing her compatibility with Yuuki. We also get a confirmation on her actual ability: learning. She can learn anyone’s ability, and can use it if it’s selected on her phone. The duo are ambushed by some Shuuki, and Himari, thanks to her learning ability, turns Yuuki into her slave. Yuuki’s form is different under Himari’s ownership, a device to allow Yuuki new abilities as the story demands them.


Again with the excess filters. I honestly think they’re trying to be funny/quirky with this, but when you look at how much detail they put into the panties you wonder how anyone thought it could possibly be. If you knew you were going to pull this, why bother having some artist put in that much work in the panties? Notice too when compare the below manga panel, the anime actually kept the bow on her panties if you look closely enough. It’s too bad the filter is there to make sure someone’s hard work isn’t noticed. Considering the lack of details on Kyouka’s panties in episode 01, why show those better, but put more work on these panties but blind viewers with some kind of flare effect?


Himari wasn’t aware of the true “drawback” of the Slave ability, so she’s completely caught off-guard when the reward involves facesitting Yuuki.


Note the expansion. Himari is explaining that her learning ability has its own drawback: it degrades the quality of the ability, in some cases so severely the ability becomes nearly useless. She references Shushu here in saying that if she were to mimic her ability, the only effect it would have is her breast size increasing slightly.


Himari also provides a bit on her backstory. She’s a member of an esteemed family, with most women being quite successful and accomplished in the Anti-Demon Corps. Himari fails to replicate this success and is quite insecure because of it. She even went as far as to separate from the family. This leads her desperation such that she is willing to accept the reward drawback of the slave ability. Himari also discusses her sister’s power: the ability to stop and reverse time.


The giant stupid curtain added here has me suspicious. Also, I added the ass shot here because there wasn’t anywhere else to put it. I won’t easily forgive their exclusion of this.


And here we have a huge disappointment and an utterly baffling decision. Yachiho isn’t a particularly popular character, but turning her into a barbie doll is pretty low. My best guess is that they’re trying to make some kind of a “joke” with the inverted filter in reference to her time manipulation powers (other shows often do the same to indicate time has stopped). Unfortunately, a joke usually isn’t funny when you’re the punchline. I did consider the possibility that the production wanted to remove any flat-chest service, but that raises some easy objections. Not one bit of this scene makes sense, but we do have a later scene (Chapter 35 if you want to check that out) where Yachiho’s tit is out thanks to some clothes tearing action, so if they go out of their way to take that out, I think I’ll have my answer.


More training. Kyouka tells Himari to participate more directly in commanding Yuuki – to this point she’d been more of a coach directing from afar. When she mounts him and orders him to perform as she wants, he becomes more powerful. He’s exhausted after the session, which means we get a nice reward.


One shot and one stitch – the regular shot features a sort of different grasp, which is why I included it. Otherwise, the pink background was a strange choice. I’m not going to go back and check but I feel like the color of Himari’s nipples was different in episode 02. Trying to make pink nipples pop against a pink background is something I think even Michaelangelo would struggle with.


Seeing Himari’s tits inspires Yuuki to do even better. Himari reacts as pictured above. Hard to tell if it’s because she’s proud of both herself and Yuuki and their improvement, or burgeoning feelings for him. Probably both.


Unit 6 arrives with a new girl in tow: Sahara. 


This one is my edit. It’s quite annoying when there’s fog obscuring the good bits – I suppose this kind of fog is better than that which fully obscures though. 


Bit of a sneaky ass shot here. A shame the fog hurts its potential.

This panel appears to be a weird mix between the above two captures. 

Sahara wastes no time giving us viewers what we want. The anime appears to have made her a bit more curvy and soft as well. It’s up to you to decide which you prefer.

I believe that Shushu shot is missed. Unfortunate, as we should be getting compensated as much as possible due to the earlier Yachiho farce. As for the story, the girls take a bath before the fight. This bath happens to involve young attractive women being naked.

The sisters have a bit of a showdown before the real showdown, and Himari demonstrates her lack of emotional maturity by responding aggressively when Yuuki attempts to inspire her. He doesn’t seem to mind though.




This brings us to the end of Chapter 13. We had a brief action sequence at the end of the episode I didn’t include. That’s because much of next episode will be dedicated to action. That said, the exhibition is now in full swing and we have several fights ahead of ourselves. Depending on what they decide to adapt, we still could get some site-related-content next episode but it won’t be much, truthfully.