Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 10 Fanservice Review


One episode review this time – the next two episodes are quite packed with action, story, with a sprinkling of some good service. I decided it was best to do this one by itself, as there’s a decent amount of good shots, more than we’ve had in a while. For this episode, we get an expansion of the humanoid shuuki, as well as the beginning this season’s climactic final battle.


Naon explains her circumstances that led to her transformation to a humanoid Shuuki. She was an exceptionally attractive model while human, but one day got caught up in a Mato disaster. In a panic, she ate a peach she found nearby, in hopes that she may develop an ability to fight off the Shuuki.


Naon has quite the nice butt, and unfortunately we don’t get to see the front very much either. The anime isn’t cutting anything out here – she’s covering her breasts in the manga as well in a lot of panels, and what little we get mirrors what we get in the manga. As for the story, Naon was found passed out and brought to a research institute where shuuki are studied and experimented on. It’s explained that in very rare cases, some women that eat peaches in Mato slowly mutate. There is no cure, so people like the humanoid Shuuki are held and experimented on.


Naon was obviously having none of this, and when her powers began to manifest (the ability to phase through solid matter), she escaped. Aoba explains that she transformed as well and spent years trying to fight retain her humanity, ultimately succeeding and allying with the other humanoid Shuuki she found.


The combined forces of Squad 7 & 6 arrive to rescue Yuuki; they split up several times as the Shuuki (under the control of the humanoid Shuuki) organize to defend themselves. 


Tenka sneaks by and grabs Yuuki while Aoba’s attention is on Kyouka. This gives Aoba insight into Tenka’s ability, and is more inspired than ever to reclaim her brother. Yuuki tries to defuse the situation but is ultimately unsuccessful.


This scantily clad, large breasted woman is Jouryuu. Fortunately, she’s decided to arrive at the site of battle, clearly indicating the impending arrival of her allies.


Aoba has a talk with Kyouka and Tenka before they battle. Yuuki explained the situation with humanoid Shuuki to the two Chief’s earlier, but Aoba refuses to trust what she describes as “two puppets of the agency,” signaling the imminent battle despite Yuuki’s protests. Tenka decides to twist the knife as she introduces herself as the Chief of the 6th Unit, and also Yuuki’s girlfriend, enraging Aoba.


We get a degree of redemption after the travesty that was Episode 04’s censored Yachiho. Even better, Yachiho’s nipple here looks better than probably any nipple we’ve seen so far. She seems to be a bit curvier in the anime as well, but it doesn’t tease as much of her crotch.


I don’t believe this shot is in the manga. This is a wondrous addition – among all the low effort nipples, bizarre, nudity obscuring effects, cut fanservice scenes, and generally strange decisions, this nude shot is both very well drawn and again, shows that the production is capable of doing nudity well (to say nothing of another pair of well drawn nipples). 


Only to return to the blindingly pink nipples from Episode 04. I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist that did those was in charge of the nipples here. Having separate artists working on the same thing (especially one of the major draws like nipples, because they will obviously draw the most attention) just makes viewers confused: anyone paying attention is just going to wonder why the better nipples weren’t done on every shot.


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Shikoku and Juuryou decide to intervene in the battle, as Shikoku also kindly gives us a glimpse of her panties. Notice how the “lips” are also more defined in the manga. This brings us through Chapter 39. This last battle was obviously going to be the finale of the first season, because no other stopping point makes sense. Look forward to the next two episodes; we get nudity of several girls we’ve yet to see.