Mato Seihei no Slave Episode 8&9 Fanservice Review


A duo of decency. This was to be expected however, as these episodes are clearly setting up for a climactic finale. One that will be realized in the last three episodes. Fortunately, we are given some good content, so it’s not for nothing.

I can’t be absolutely sure, but I don’t think this was in the manga. If it wasn’t, I’m thinking this may have been their way of sneaking Nei into a bath scene as an “apology” for having cut out the early Nei-in-the-bath scene. The problem is that this one is so zoomed out we can’t even see Shushu or Himari, much less Nei. Anyway, the episode starts out with Yuuki being told that he’s wanted as a “pet” by Tenka. 


You’ll notice that when you watch the webm below, this stitch has Tenka take her vest off throughout most of the panning, making it nearly if not outright impossible to do. I was fortunately able to get at least this much, but pour one out for the possible greatness that could have been.

Tenka teleports to Yuuki’s room to come onto him. And from there we get a long segment featuring blatant sexual harassment and flagrant abuse of power (from an authority figure no less). However, Tenka is a hot woman which makes all of this okay. If she were ugly, then it wouldn’t be.


Tenka gets away with a minor scolding from Kyouka and Shushu, who tells her that we “shouldn’t abuse our powers” and that sneaking into another squad’s dorm is inconsiderate. Tenka goes the victim blaming route and says that she must have been under Yuuki’s spell. It’s obvious that the Anti-Demon Corps lacks a Human Resources department, and they are likely one bad scandal away from a total PR disaster and possibly a complete upheaval. But anyway, I don’t think we’ve had too many great eyecatches so far, but this one is probably the best so far. Even with Tenka’s random upgrade from cantelope to watermelon’s.


Yuuki and the 7th Unit decide to do a bit of training. This time, Kyouka lends Yuuki to the other members that he has not yet been lent to. Yuuki’s slave form under Nei is physically underwhelming, but his senses are enhanced, so much that he is able to see through even the clothes of the 7th Unit, leading to some obvious ecchi hijinks. Unfortunately, because Nei does not participate directly in combat, her reward is rather subdued: a simple kiss on the cheek.


After realizing the one borrowing Kyouka’s slave powers is also the one that gives the reward, Shushu fantasizes about the possibilities. Yuuki’s slave form under Shushu has exceptional strength, but his speed is lacking. Shushu decides to push things a bit, assuming that if she enlarges, then Yuuki will as well. This doesn’t happen, and Shushu provides a bit of giantess AND facesitting service, if that’s your thing. And unfortunately, her plan to get into a spicy reward situation does not come to fruition.


Yuuki spends a bit of time with Nei, and after everyone returns from their day out, Himari and Shushu detect some Shuuki activity during a routine patrol. Thanks to Tenka, the rest arrive to help Shushu and Himari. 


There were a few other minor panty shots here, but none as good as these. 

Kyouka and co. take down the Shuuki, but not before Kyouka reveals her growing jealousy by telling Yuuki to not fawn over other Squad’s chiefs, all but naming Tenka by saying this.



Episode 09:


This episode can be more intense at times, but is also much more sparse. This will be reflected in the quantity of shots used.

Yuuki and Kyouka take care of some Shuuki, and Yuuki’s skills are improving as noted by the rest of Unit 7. Yuuki credits his sister with his abilities, and remembers her fondly when asked about her. 


A bit of an oddity here – the anime for some reason wants to kick up a bunch of dust to obscure Himari’s panties. This would otherwise be a great shot.

A victim is detected, and Kyouka sends out Shushu and Himari to rescue them. The Shuuki are dispatched, but when Himari goes to help the hooded stranger, she gets punched hard enough to send her flying. The humanoid shuuki make their appearance, and after a short fight, they capture Yuuki and retreat.


We learn quite a bit about the humanoid shuuki in this episode, and why they oppose the Anti-Demon Corps. Firstly, the leader is actually Yuuki’s older sister, Aoba Wakura, and her reason for taking Yuuki was to rescue him from the Anti-Demon Corps, who they view as enemies. Yuuki attempts to convince them that they could surrender and be protected by them, but for reasons that will be explained next episode, they aren’t as trusting.


With all the sexy posing, obsession with beauty, and nipple bumps galore, it’s obvious that Naon is the humanoid shuuki that will be given the most service. Unfortunately, the anime cuts out what would be a great scene of Yuuki taking her huge assets and showing off some great boob squish. This isn’t the first time the anime has taken something from us, and it will not be the last. Here we have another example of an alteration, or in this case an outright removal, in the anime that makes Yuuki seem less of the “aggressor” in ecchi scenes (much similar to episode 7). I’m fairly confident now that the anime producers made a conscious effort to make Yuuki appear this way.


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Kyouka comes up with a plan to find Yuuki, and Squad 6 & 7 combine to rescue him. As stated at the beginning, these two episodes were clearly a setup for the finale. Certainly, the battle ahead will be a big one, but not one without a total lack of nudity. We’ll see how the production manages the remainder of the season over for this next trio, and if they can redeem themselves for past decisions.