Megami no Cafe Terrace Episode 12 Fanservice Review


The final episode unfortunately does not give us much in the way of service, but it still goes out on a good note. Not just for this episode, but for the future as well.

Hayato wants yet another new catalogue of menu items for the upcoming autumn season. The girls mock this as Shiragiku is always the one that essentially does all the work. Speaking of Shiragiku, she has a heavy focus in this episode as you will see.


Another instance of a potential stitch being made impossible via background shenanigans. I couldn’t get it right and it’s quite a shame, as it would have been some great material.


Shiragiku overheard Akane’s confession from before, and that seems to have inspired her to give something of a confession herself. It’s a halfassed one just like Riho’s, but it’s difficult to say how much of this was the drunkenness. There was definitely some sincerity to what Shiragiku was saying, but the problem is Hayato isn’t sure what to make of the situation.


We get a nice segment here featuring the adorable Loli!Shiragiku, as well as finally exploring her past with Hayato, which the narrative has kept from us until now.


Shiragiku’s father was once a student of Hayato’s grandmother, and he found her mostly to introduce her to Shiragiku. Later, she manages to get into trouble with the old bastard, but Hayato saves her and manages to shoo him away.


I can’t be the only one who prefers Shiragiku with long hair, am I? 


The full details behind grandma’s ownership of the cafe is revealed all in this scene. There are still some secrets yet to be revealed but a good bulk of the unknown is explained. The story, eavesdropped on by the rest of the girls, is enough to bring them to tears, and they swear to do their best to make the cafe succeed.


A scene with an older Hayato is shown as well as his cute daughter. For those hoping for a harem ending (with how “real” the series is it would have been a shock if it had) your hopes have been dashed upon this scene. Hayato’s daughter recognizes her mother from the picture of the girls, but it is intentionally left vague as to who she is referring to. It’s obvious at this point that only one is the victor, but the answer will probably be revealed at the very end of the series.


We have a picnic segment – nothing notable to be found here, because interspersed is events from previous episodes. But this brief animation of Ami is something I suspect had never been shown up to this point. One final meager scrap before the end of the season.


Webm Album


The last shot of the season is something I always add to my reviews. Of course, I use the word season in this case because this isn’t the last one – a season 2 was officially announced just after episode 12 broadcasted. The PV isn’t anything special unfortunately, as it seems to be (exclusively?) shots from season 1.

When considering this show as a whole, remember that not every season is going to have a bombshell, or even mid-tier ecchi. Sometimes, you have to accept what you have on hand. The past few years have had at least one great ecchi, some would say borderline hentai, per season, but do recall that before that, we had several seasons about as dry as this one. That said, the one thing on people’s minds will be, “uncensored?” To that we can only wait, but as for everything else, the few times the service was well animated made it hard to appreciate the many more times it was not. I understand not every episode is going to be a well animated masterpiece, but I feel for budget series like this, it’s a double-edged sword. 

Regardless, it was at least a fairly fun series with some decent comedy at times. In retrospect it probably wouldn’t be something I’d grab unless I had no other choice. The next two seasons are fairly dry as well unfortunately, so when I grab something that doesn’t seem siteworthy, please understand that my hands are tied in these cases. I’d like to have a post out in between now and the next season, but deciding what will be the issue.