Michiru takes photos of pantsu in Grisaia no Rakuen volume three

This was a relatively tame entry into the Grisaia anime franchise, as the special focuses on pantsu and butt shots from Michiru.

The actual episodes themselves (episodes five and six) had no changes for fanservice or nudity.  As is typical for Grisaia no Rakuen , the heavy lifting for service comes in the BD extra.

I’m not exactly sure why, but Michiru’s breasts are conveyed as being much larger in this special than they were in the first season.  And when fully shown in the end card, they absolutely humongous.  This continues a trend in Grisaia’s final season where seemingly every girl has larger breasts than she had in season one.


rakuen v3 (1) rakuen v3 (2) rakuen v3 (3) rakuen v3 (4) rakuen v3 (5)


Below is the lone nipple sighting from the animation, a glancing look as Michiru’s clothing turns invisible, presumably through the power of imagination.


rakuen v3 (6) rakuen v3 (7) rakuen v3 (8)


And here is the end card:


rakuen v3 (9)


The “Gulliver’s Travel’s” spoof for an end card is bizarre, but offers a unique look at what Michiru might look like with some Maken-Ki! class bazoombas.

Credit to mjmougen02nml for the HD screencaps.