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Minamoto-kun Monogatari manga  (13 volumes, ongoing)



(Thoughts originally posted on May 9th, 2015)

Minamoto-kun Monogatari is a manga that begins as a cousin/aunt incest story, then expands beyond that.  Our hero is shamelessly seduced by his voluptuous Aunt, a woman who is determined for an unbelievably arbitrary reason to destroy his life by training him to become a heartless lady killing Don Juan, and won’t rest until he’s banged exactly 14 women, one of them his own cousin.

Of course, this manga is only for those who find the idea of “so wrong it’s right” to be appealing in ecchi/hentai.

I don’t know why, but so many things that would be horrific in real life can actually be appealing in manga.  Lolicon stuff, obviously.  Incest.  And worse things.  Ecchi and Hentai are often beyond the pale, because they can be.  Because they are the only medium that can go there.  Incest in particular seems to be a popular flavor in ecchi these days.

This is a great work of semi-pornographic ecchi, with the main character actually succeeding in having sex by his third try.  It never quite veers into full blown hentai, and its use of tease is outstanding.  It’s kind of amazing to think how much sex is in this manga, and yet the first 163 chapters only yield 60 nude panels in total. I wouldn’t expect this manga to ever get a TV series adaptation, but it’s a fun read just the same.

This manga is all about teasing the shit out of us and then relieving us with brief spurts of intense content.  Lots of kinky stuff in this manga, including frequent occurrences of nipple sucking.

Usually when it comes to manga fanservice compilations, I hook you up with the T ‘n A shots and leave it at that.  But in this case I’d recommend actually checking out the manga and reading it for yourself, as the nudity is much more intense when put into context.  Plenty of excruciating tease before flopping boobs right in your face.  It’s good stuff.~


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