Mirai Nikki (aka Future Diary) fanservice compilation

Leave it to Asread to surprise us with nudity and fanservice in the most unlikely of anime.  By the time it’s all said and done, no less than seven characters bare their chests.

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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2


For years, I had the urge to make these kinds of videos and resisted.  When I finally broke down and started making them, Mirai Nikki was the first video I made.  I honestly can’t even tell you why, it’s not even an ecchi series.  It’s meant to be taken seriously.  If anything, it’s too serious for this kind of a video.

Though there is plenty of nudity and general weirdness, I would not consider Mirai Nikki to be ecchi.  Ecchi series give a playful acknowledgement of “servicing” the viewers; I’d describe Mirai Nikki as having the mentality of an 80s or 90s R-rated action-drama.  Serious plot, plenty of senseless, graphic violence- but hey, what’s wrong with a pointless shower scene, or even a sex scene here and there?

Mirai Nikki, as is often the case in anime, isn’t evenhanded in it’s approach to sex which creates an awkward, sometimes disturbing and offensive dynamic.  They give us pointless shower scenes, pointless nude hot-tub / changing scenes, Yuno “losing” her top in the pool, etc.  But the show also gives us nudity in a ritual rape scene, nudity with bodily injury, as well as some plain ol’ creepy nudity.

That “variety” of nudity made editing this video a tough call.  Do I keep the weird/offensive nudity in there too?  In the end, I ended up keeping it all in there.  The only part that really came close was the ritual scene.  I think that scene was a reference to how pagan priestesses from ancient times very commonly gave sexual offerings in their temples for money or just out of ritual, which makes it feel less like rape and more like exposition.  Of course, it’s still an ugly scene in the anime.

As far as the video itself, there wasn’t much in the way of OP/ED fanservice so I just used a bit of an OP bumper at the start.  After finishing the video and watching it, I kind of got the impression that it was too “artsy” and didn’t focus enough on what really matters- boobs.  Since there wasn’t really any fanservice to use in the ED, I used the same song and did an extended ED that replayed all the nude scenes from the anime in one long uninterrupted sequence (edited slightly to fit the music).

I did some jail cell illuminating for Minene, and though it’s far more subtle, I used some effects to make the water slightly more clear in the bathtub scene.  It really is amazing the kind of detail that is hidden in dark areas sometimes when working with super high quality HD video.

In the end, it was a fittingly weird video for a weird anime.  I just wish they had given us more of Yuno to look at.  I always enjoy a good yandere, and Yuno might be the foxiest yandere of all time.  Especially in that black dress.

Mirai Nikki may have been a tough anime for a fanservice video, but I’d certainly welcome more nudity in a future expansion of this series, should we ever get one.