Motto To Love-Ru fanservice compilation

Season two of the To Love-Ru anime, simply titled Motto To Love-Ru, picks up where season one left off and completed the remainder of the To Love-Ru Trouble manga, which would immediately spawn a manga sequel:  To Love-Ru Darkness.  Whereas season one spanned two cours (calendar seasons), season two is a mere 1 cour offering and as such, had half the opportunity for fanservice.


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DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2



Production Company:  Xebec

Vintage:  Fall 2010

Notable Seiyuu:  Kana HanazawaKanae Itō, Mamiko Noto, Ayako Kawasumi


This ended up being a surprisingly short video, but on the plus side, the steam that plagued season one is greatly reduced in season two.  It’s still an eyesore, but at least we don’t have to squint like Mr. Magoo to see some awesome Xebec nipple action.  And rarely, just a few times really, it gives us quick glimpses of bare breasts with no steam at all.  I’m not sure what the motivations were behind the overly conservative nature of steam censorship on BD, but I have to admit, there is some genius in making each To Love-Ru series progressively sexier while also being progressively less censored.  Season 3 (Darkness) was an ecchi masterpiece with virtually no censorship remaining on BD.

Overall, I thought this made a decent video, and again, I got to use my steam removal tricks, which is hard work but a lot of fun.  It’s a little on the short side, but I revisit it every now and then when I want to remember what fanservice from the older To Love-Ru series used to look like.