Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse fanservice compilation

Based on the famous visual novel (eroge)  franchise of the same name, MuvLuv pairs gut-wrenching drama with sexy.


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Torrent:  Nyaa

DDL [1080p]:  part1, part2

DDL [720p]:  part1, part2


Series Information


Production Company:  Ixtl , Satelight

Vintage:  Summer – Fall 2012


Nipple sightings from other Satelight produced anime:


BALDR FORCE EXE Resolution  (opening credits only)


Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from Satelight:


Log Horizon, Aquarion, Arjuna, Basquatch!, Bodacious Space Pirates, Fairy Tail, Hellsing Ultimate, Kiddy Girl-and, Macross Frontier, Nobunaga The Fool, Senki Zesshou Symphogear, White Album 2


*there’s a chance Nobunaga The Fool  may have BD nudity as well, but this has yet to be confirmed.

(note: this is the only anime Ixtl has ever been involved with in any way)


Notable Seiyuu:


Mai Nakahara as Yui Takamura

Yui Takamura_MuvLuv

Mai Nakahara is also well known for her roles as:

Selnia Iori Flameheart_Ladies versus ButlersChitose Nanbu_AmaenaideyoMai_Mai-HimeNagisa Furukawa_Clannad

Hitomi Nabatame as Cryska Barchenowa


Hitomi Nabatame is also well known for her roles as:


Mamiko Noto as Inia Sestina


Mamiko Noto is also well known for her roles as:

Satellizer el Bridget_FREEZINGTomoe_Queen's Bladeoshizu_To Love-RuTiffania Westwood_Zero no Tsukaima


Also featuring


Daisuke Ono as Yuya Bridges

Rie Tanaka as Sharon Imes

Yoko Hikasa as Niram Rawamunando

Rikiya Koyama as Ibrahim Dahl


Thoughts on the anime


If you’ve seen this anime or read the manga spinoffs or played the games, you know full well how quickly the story can turn from sexy action anime to gruesome shocker.

I’ll admit, I kind of teared up when cow-tits took one between the eyes.  Deep down she was good, I know it!

I actually enjoyed this anime thanks in large part to a pretty strong cast, even if half of of the best seiyuu were in minor roles.  The winding, unpredictable plot helped this anime avoid feeling too boring for too long.  My only complaint here was having to endure 25 episodes of the breathy Daisuke Ono and his usual wooden acting.


Thoughts on the fanservice video


There’s actually three nude scenes in this anime.  The first two are brief shower scenes and the last is a lengthy hot springs escapade.

The second nude scene is very easy to miss, you can find it at the 4:05 point in the video.  It’s a highly awkward nipple add and not very sexy, so I ended up leaving it out of the all nude section so as to not water it down.


Favorite Character


The cow-tits girl before she turned evvvvvil.  I’d love to get served a burger by her.

Cryska and Yui were pretty hot too, it’s always a plus when the hottest girls are put in the largest roles.  Mamiko Noto was good as she always is, though this time she breaks the mold slightly from her usual roles while playing Inia.