Name that Oppai: First Edition


Put your ecchi knowledge on the line- the winner helps decide which video I make next!


Back when Aisle H was still a thing, Naota would occasionally have contests where he’d post pictures of oppai and see how well the readers could do at identifying their origins.

Some people have asked about similar kinds of contests here at fapservice, so I figured this would be a fun way to determine which fanservice project goes next.    Read on carefully as there are rules in this contest you need to know before posting a comment.

Here’s how it’s going to work.

I’m going to show 11 total images in three categories:

The first category will have the easiest images to identify.  In this first category I need you to name the specific character for whom the oppai belongs.  Each correct answer will be worth 1 point.  If you can’t figure out the character but think you know which anime it is from, naming the anime is worth 0.5 points, but you only get one point for naming both, so if you know the name of the character that’s all you need to say.  You can name both if you want, but it will only be worth 1 point.

The second category will be a little tougher, meant to challenge veteran ecchi enthusiasts with a more encyclopedic level of ecchi-knowledge.  For this second category you only need to name the anime.  You can name the characters too, but it’s only 1 point either way.

The third category will be a trivia question that is designed to be difficult.  If you can answer it correctly, you get 3 points.

Here’s an example of what your scorecard should look like (having a uniform format makes it easier to grade):


1.  Rei

2.  Asuka

3.  Misato

4.  Neon Genesis Evangelion (worth 0.5 points instead of 1 in first section)

5. Hikari

6. High School DxD


8. Air Gear

9.  Seikon no Qwaser

10.  Mahoromatic

11.  (enter trivia answer here)

12.  I want (insert video from list) as my prize!


The first person to score a perfect 13 wins.  If no one reaches 13 points, the person with the highest score in roughly 48 hours (midnight of February 1st, US Pacific time) wins.  In the event of a tie, the person with the highest score who posted their answer earliest wins.

To avoid constant revisions from copying others work, each reader is only allowed two sets of guesses.  If you want to change your answers and go for a second guess, please post it separately instead of editing so that I can see your timecode for the tie-breaker.  Additional submissions beyond that will be deleted to keep things clean.

Obviously, Disqus allows users to edit your answers, please avoid doing so (tidying up your post or clarifying your answer with an edit is fine).  I ask that everyone follow an honor system and avoid edits for the sake of competition.  It’d be more fun that way.  And the whole point here is to have some fun.  Make sure you are confident in your answers before you post.

Please answer in your own thread, NOT in a sub-thread.  It makes it easier for me to track the chronology of the posts.  It is okay to respond to people’s answers, but please post your answers in your own thread.

It is somewhat to your advantage to wait a bit if you don’t know all the answers (to see how others answer), but keep in mind that he who posts first will own the tiebreaker.  So there are advantages either way.  If you think you know every answer you should post ASAP.

When a winner is determined, I’ll update this post to reflect that and reveal the correct answers.


Well, here we go, hopefully this doesn’t crash any servers.  I made this one easy, wouldn’t be surprised if someone aces 1-10 pretty quickly.



Category One (name the character)



Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category One (1)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category One (2)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category One (3)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category One (4)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category One (5)


Category Two (name the anime)



Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Two (1)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Two (2)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Two (3)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Two (4)


Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Two (5)


Category Three (Trivia)



Name the anime that the following screenshot was taken from.  A correct answer is worth three points.

Name that Oppai- 1st Round- Category Three

Big hint:  This anime had a ton of nudity.

Bigger hint:  This image was taken from a scene that aired after the credits had rolled.

Biggest hint:  This anime was produced by a production studio well known for combining battles and boobs.


The winner can choose one of the following anime for my next project:


Papillon Rose
Futari Gurashi
Divergence Eve
Hen – Strange Love
Adventures of Kotetsu
Bubblegum Crisis
Chocotto Sister
Cream Lemon Lemon Angel
Gall Force
Ginsoukikou Ordian
Indian Summer
Kite plus Mezzo Forte
Lime-iro Ryuukitan X Cross
Plastic Little
Prism Ark
Sorcerer Hunters
They Are My Noble Masters

Ebiten (1080p)
Elfen Lied (1080p)
Hanaukyo Maid Team (1080p)
Infinite Stratos seasons 1-2 (1080p)
Rin Daughters of Mnemosyne (1080p)
Steel Angel Kurumi (1080p)

Be sure to include your video of choice with your answer.  This is one thing you can change later if you want, just make sure I know you’ve changed your mind.  If you want you can post your answers and then reply to it later with your video of choice.

I love it when people link breaking ecchi news and discussion, but for this thread I would like to keep the comments to the contest alone.  If you want to link to ecchi screen caps or news, please use the Rail Wars! thread published earlier tonight.

So there you have it.  Can anyone guess them all?


Update:  Kyrt wins with a perfect score of 13.  His choice for the next project is Adventures of Kotetsu .


You guys are way too good at this.  I’ll have to make it much harder next time.