Nande Koko ni Sensei ga!? “Very Cut” Episode 7 Fanservice Review

Episode 7, best girl arrives with a new MC to steal the show…

Better enjoy her, cause she is gone after next week for the final pairing.

Let’s get it


Get the fuck out of here, it’s time for the new crew…

There we go.

This one is Shouta x Milf focused, or rather the closest thing to it we are gonna get… If it ain’t your thing you may want to skip this and next week’s episodes.


Once again the OP and ED have been changed to reflect the change in girl.


Welcome to the show, Swimsuit-tan Sensei and Shouta.


Busty – Check

Brunette – Check

Hot temper – Check

Childhood best friends – Check

Welp, this chick already has everything I need in an animu waifu.


Comical “boing” sound effects instead of what should be the meaty flopping that Kaneko is known for. He must be slipping, or the ever present porn budget is knee-capping him.


Judging by the uncensored movement here, we’re looking at the first Kaneko nipple boner since 2015’s Valkyrie Drive. Figures since this scene is probably the most bread and butter Kaneko-scene since the show started.


tfw you’re now older than the “young old” anime teacher archetype, which is already old as fuck considering the net age of most animu characters is 15…


Oof those graphics, we lookin’ real hentai now boys.¬† and… is that a pink Deadpool action figure next to Shouta’s head?


Warning Warning, we have indeed crossed into Hentai budget territory, Warning. Expect random transitions into CGI hellscapes.


Wow, I’m surprised they actually gave us an uncensored CLOTHED nipple shot on AT-Fuckin-X, we must have been good boys….


wait, what’s this?

Oh, it’s just a kid’s anime from the early 2000s which had nipple bumps all over the place and was never censored once. Hmmm, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think perverted content has gotten much more strict in recent years….


I’ll be damned if Swimsuit-tan sensei doesn’t have the best body of the bunch though. I like attention to the H I P S.

Like so



Welp the non-censoring was fun while it lasted.

As for this part, something about it seems like it’s not just censored, but fucking censored via Cropping. Maybe I’m wrong, but doesn’t this image make it seem like they just cut the entire sexy bit out of the frame?

That isn’t making me any more likely to buy the BDs…


And with that, best girl episode 1 of 2 is over.

I’d say this was the best episode yet, but I am completely bias towards¬† Swimsuit-tan sensei so your mileage will vary.



Until next time.

I’ll be seeking another ass this legendary.