Natsuiro Kiseki revisited


You’d never expect nudity from a mainstream moe anime like Natsuiro Kiseki, so when I put episode 9 under the microscope, I was surprised by what I found.

I’m currently trying to download the TV version to see if these nipples slipped past the TV censors as well.  They very well might have, as easy to miss nipples slip past the censors a few times every year.  (Update:  Yup, the MBS broadcast didn’t catch ’em and aired the nudity on TV!  That’s awesome.)

Here’s full list of instances in question (all from the 9th episode), with the time stamp of their occurrence (click to enlarge):

7:38 mark


7:41 mark


7:44 mark

7-44a 7-44b

7:44 mark (about half a second after the previous one)


8:46 mark (they’re on screen for just two frames)


9:09 mark (and then again a couple frames later as some mysterious bright spots fade away)


There were many chances where Natsuiro Kiseki could have shown nipples but didn’t.  In fact, the shot directly above this text was the only water scene where nipples were evident, the rest of the time it was pretty clear they had blank boobs under the water.  That water is shiny, but it’s not completely opaque.  This two minute stretch is the only time in the series where the nipples were in there.

Obviously, Natsuiro Kiseki isn’t even close to being FC material.  Maybe I’ll still make use of it one day, maybe not.  Regardless, how awesome that a quality series like this actually gave us nipples, and in such a sneaky way no less.  I have to give Sunrise credit.  At the very least, there’s something amusing about these stealth nipple sightings that hardly anyone noticed.