New Cutey Honey (BD) Episode 3 Fanservice Review

Cutey Honey battles a future city She-Zubat punk rocker.

Honey’s genocide of the female furry community continues in New Cutey Honey OVA 3 with a¬†montage of ass-whooping and music.




Typically every episode has a few core Honey transformations to use, mixing in the odd new power up every now and then for flair. This episode it’s stuff like Little Mermaid Honey and Kung-Fu Honey.


Oh, almost forgot Reporter Honey.

and crew.



The big bad’s dildo collection This episode focuses more on the story, or rather, the climax of this first block of 4 OVAs is next episode – meaning we have to get the endgame rolling ASAP. Honey has been searching bitch’s dream houses and fighting super-powered hookers at night all to find the source of the Main Villain’s “monster syrum” which is being used to turn all these women into monsters.


Much like Mermaid Honey, I think Kung-Fu Honey is only used for this OVA, which is a shame since Kung-Fu Honey’s design and power-set are both SSS imo.



Honey enjoys a post-fight shower leading to the majority of this episode’s fanservice of course. You also catch a quick glimpse of Honey’s healing powers at the very beginning – they appear to be the result of

Nano-machines of course.


Chokkei’s father and great grandfather appear to both be men of culture, and thankfully the M I L F joins in.

Instead of getting angry per se, Daiko instead wants to be the center of attention.

Shenanigans inevitably occur and…



Following this scene, Honey decides to disguise herself to try and sneak into Punk Rocker’s room…

Although she gets caught red handed…

and threatened with a Columbian switchblade.


But! In a pure-hearted move to save herself, Honey attempts to seduce her opponent!

Amazingly though, and unlucky for both Honey and the audience, her Foe is actually Straight as an arrow, and kicks Honey’s ass out of her room for being such a degenerate – kindov incredible really…

At least it was unexpected.


Once battle commences between the two, Punk Rocker uses her own stash of Monster juice for a power up…

Thus becoming, Zubat. complete with Screech attack.


Following She-Zubat’s defeat, Chokkei is kidnapped and brought to the Main Villain’s big “fuck off” Deathship for the next episode cliffhanger. Less fanservice this go around probably due to more “plot” focus, instead of “PLOT”.


The episode ends with such a detailed 90s-cliffhanger image I thought I was watching Berserk for brief moment…


The first 4 New Cutey Honey OVAs have their own contained story, which will be semi-wrapping up next episode. Me personally, I like the 4 OVAs we will be getting into better due to their Go Nagai character cameos and CAMP factor.


Until next time,

I’ll be reading part 7