They Are My Noble Masters fanservice compilation

Based on the visual novel by Minato Soft, They Are My Noble Masters is a pre-spinoff of sorts to another VN gone ecchi anime you might remember:  Majikoi.


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Series Information



Production Company:  A.C.G.T

Vintage:  Winter 2008


Nipple sightings from other A.C.G.T produced anime:


FREEZING, FREEZING Vibration, Lime-iro Ryukitan X


Other notable / recently relevant mainstream anime from A.C.G.T:


Fuun Ishin Dai Shogun, Dual Masters, Giant Robo, Initial D (seasons 3, 4)



Notable Seiyuu:



Shizuka Itou as Shinra Kuonji



Shizuka Itou is also well known for her roles as:


akeno-DXD kaori_kanzaki_colored_by_kr Lenalee.Lee.356429Liliana


Yuko Goto as Miyu Kuonji



Yuko Goto is also well known for her roles as:




Rie Tanaka as Ageha Kuki



Rie Tanaka is also well known for her roles as:




hitomi as Mihato Uesugi



hitomi is also well known for her roles as:





Thoughts on the anime


Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de  (abbreviated as ‘Kimiaru’ and renamed ‘They Are My Noble Masters’  in America) is a story about a young man named Ren and his sister Mihato who, due to a dysfunctional family situation, travel to the big city without any money, place to stay, or jobs waiting for them.  In the opening of the anime they are basically homeless and things are looking bleak.

Their luck quickly changes when a serendipitous encounter with a young woman of high upbringing brings them to her mansion for dinner.  Things progress and before you know it, Ren and Mihato are given the opportunity to live and work on the manor as servants.

The first episode grabs our attention and emotions.  It feels like a good start to a very good anime.  Unfortunately, the story pretty much stops right there and the rest of the anime is basically nonsensical filler.  The comedy is very heavy on spoofing better known anime, which is funny at first, but is driven into the ground eventually.

Ultimately, the saving grace of this anime is that we actually like the characters despite how meaningless the story can be at times.  We also like getting to see them naked in almost every episode.  All of the major girl characters show their tits uncensored at least once, something you might expect for any anime based on an erotic visual novel these days, but that was hardly a given back in January of 2008.

The harem of this anime is a bit under-rated, as it’s hard to pick a favorite girl from the group.  Not every girl is after Ren, but all of them end up being seen naked by Ren at some point, often via the happy accident.

None of the girls seem to want Ren more than his own sister, who is a massive ‘bro-con’ and also a bit of a yandere.

The original visual novel for this series had a spinoff of sorts that also received an anime adaptation:  Majikoi .  Majikoi takes place a few years after Kimiaru and though it sports a new cast, the visual novel frequently had cameos from the Kimiaru cast in the Majikoi visual novel.  One of those characters, Ageha Kuki, even appears in the Majikoi anime.



Thoughts on the fanservice video


I used retrofit’s encodes as source, and I have to say that they did a nice job on the quality considering the teeny tiny resolution that comes off the DVD.

The nude scenes never last very long, leading to a lot of ‘movie magic’ to extend scenes to a more suitable length.  These kinds of videos take more effort to make, but are also more rewarding to do.



Favorite Character


Mihato Uesugi There really isn’t a wrong choice.  All the girls are hot and have appealing personalities.  Miyu shows her tiny boobs more than any other girl and it’s not close.  Her sister Shinra is maybe the hottest girl in the show and she’s voiced by the amazing Shizuka Itou.

But as much as I want to pick either of them, I just can’t pass up on Ren’s sister Mihato.

It’s always a point in a girls favor when she wants it the most, and Mihato also has that stereotypical wifey ‘wholesomeness’ that seemingly every nee-chan has in series like these.  She probably has the best body too.  I found myself looking forward to Mihato’s naked-time the most as the series went along.