Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 10


Should I make a joke about a certain line that appears in both star fox and star wars?


This episode has plenty of uncensored nipples except for one problem and that is it’s trap shit. So this episode is going to be one of those you have to pick a side and piss the other off when it comes to what to include in this episode. Do I include it or not? And the answer is no I’m not because no one comes here to see that stuff. So this episode has pretty much no service in it as I’m skipping the main service content in this episode as most that come here don’t want to see that.

 If she had gotten naked it could saved this episode.

After Nobunaga finishes school for the day he thinks about how Mayu admitted to liking him in the previous episode. As he goes to leave he runs into someone asking him for help.

 Better be telling her the location of the uncensored BDs to see her naked.

When I do posts I tend to go through the raw making stitches and webms first before watching it subbed. As a result I thought this was the only straight service this episode but then turns out it wasn’t. I was actually impressed I managed to make stitches out of a fixed camera panning scene allowing me to remove Mayu and Kichou from it and then after watching it subbed realized it was pointless because of what it was. But I’m not letting it go to waste after already making it so leaving it here. Side note the censor thing used here is the exact same one that was used in the all ages version of Souryo two years ago. Makes sense I guess since Seven did that show as well.

 For liking dickgirls? No, as long as they have a vagina as well. For liking traps? Yes.

While the others are sitting around, Kichou asks Mayu to explain what the dickgirl and dresses stuff that Nobunaga was talking about before is. Mayu tells her the differences between a dick girl and a trap explaining a dick girl is an actual woman with a dick while a trap is a guy that dresses and acts like a woman. At that point Nobunaga shows up with a guy who Anna says is her brother Ranma that brought Anna something. After Anna notices Nobunaga touching her brother’s shoulder she yells at him telling him to get away before his power activates on her brother as well. Nobunaga tells her it’s fine since he has his gloves on and plus it only works on girls in the first place as he takes his gloves off and touches Ranma’s face to show her.


Later as Nobunaga is walking through the school he sees a girl falling down the steps and catches her. After seeing she is knocked out he takes her to the nurses room. When she wakes up she thanks him for saving her and sees that his shirt got damaged when he caught her and she asks him to take it off so she can repair it to thank him. After fixing it she tells him to sit on the bed so she can put it back on him.

Only reason I included that is because it reminded me of Metal Gear Solid 2 when the president grabs Raiden right in the balls the second he meets him and is surprised that he is really a man.

This was the main service scene part of the episode but I only included a few bits for obvious reasons. Watch the episode if you want to see the gay stuff here since I’m not including it as most that visit the site don’t want to see that.

The girl pushes Nobunaga to the bed and tells him that she wants to fuck him like they used to do in the past. Nobunaga then realizes she must be another person from the past but can’t figure out how since his gloves are still on and he never touched her. Just as he is about to get raped Kichou and the others bust in to stop it. Anna then runs in and yells at Ranma to knock it off as Nobunaga starts to freak realizing who it is.

 Should had been his decapitated head instead of a wig.

Anna explains that Ranma is a cross dresser and he learned to make his own clothes as well to do it. Kichou asks what they were doing naked together as Nobunaga tells her that Ranma tried to rape him. Anna doesn’t believe it till Ranma tells her it is true and that he came here so that he could be with Nobunaga like in the past. He then reveals his real name which happens to be the name of some guy that the real Nobunaga used to fuck back in the past. So they then realize that Nobunaga’s powers did work earlier even though Ranma isn’t a girl and just resulted in him being possessed by the real Nobunaga’s gay lover instead. Ranma then jumps at him telling him to marry him like they promised in the past as the episode ends.



Webm Album.



They should had skipped this chapter or just straight out removed the character and I would be fine with it. Instead we lost an episode to this one. Japan for some inane reason has no grasp of audience as this happens with other genres as well. A series that is aimed at straight service and had such exclusively suddenly having gay content in it is like when a yuri series aimed at those that like yuri service exclusively suddenly has male/female content in it. Why the fuck does japan think including content that is aimed at an audience not watching let alone content completely going against what the audience watching it is after is a good idea?

Next week may make up for this episode depending on what they do. The next chapter after this one has no service at all and is focused on the trap again so this means either one of two things will be done. They will either add service to the next chapter like they did with a previous episode of a low service chapter or they will skip it.and head right into the next chapter instead. Hoping they decide to skip it and go right into the chapter after the next one since that chapter will be the porn watching chapter. Since it is hard to predict what they are going to do this means either the next episode or the final one will have some really nice service to it. As long as they don’t skip the chapter we should reach it as it is only two chapters away.

Interestingly none of the upcoming chapters really feel like a good end point storywise so they may have to do something original to make the show have some kind of suitable end. Ending the show on that porn chapter could be a way to end it on a high note but the chapters after that have everyone in the classroom together and so ending it on a chapter in which you have everyone in the same room feels like it would be a better way to end the show especially if they alter it to give service of everyone on that last episode. So my guess is either one of two possibilities. Either the next episode is a low service episode with the final episode after being the porn watching chapter or alternatively the best option which is the next episode is the porn watching chapter and the final episode is a modified version of the chapters after that which would actually finish the show at the end of volume 3. Of course they could always do something completely original instead. Regardless hopefully the next episode makes up for this one.

I could had filled this entire post with videogame jokes of scenes in which the word trap is used. Star fox 64 during the asteroids level, Metal Gear Solid during psycho mantis reading the memory card, Azure Dreams when stepping on a trap, probably could find a bunch but I never fill posts with stuff like that. Alternatively could had just put pictures of admiral ackbar on everything. Speaking of which I have yet to see any videos of people at the new galaxy’s edge that opened at disney last week choosing to build the Sith themed lightsaber it’s always the other 3 options in the over a dozen videos I watched. The fuck is this shit? People want to be a sissy jedi instead of a chad sith? 

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 32