Nobunaga-sensei no Osanazuma fanservice review episode 8


Lewd teacher time.


This episode skips most of the next chapter from where we left off previously with only the end part of said chapter being at the beginning of this episode. Instead this episode is primarily Yuri’s chapter which is the chapter after the one we just skipped. This chapter did not contain nudity in it but just like last time this episode was changed to include nudity and so as a result this episode actually has the most amount of nudity and service we have had in the show so far and uncensored at that.

Nobunaga starts wearing gloves believing this should hopefully stop him from summoning anymore people again when he ouches things. Yuri then comes into the room and asks him if he would go with her for drinks later. He agrees and tells Kichou and Kitsuno that they will have to head home by themselves. In order to hide that it will just be him and Yuri he tells them that other teachers will be there and it’s not a date. After they leave they both get suspicious and decide to follow them.

They see the two of them go into a bar but don’t see any other teachers so they try to go in only to be told they are too young and are forced to stay outside.

Nobunaga asks Yuri why she decided to ask him out but since she can’t tell him the truth about why out of fear it would scare him she tells him it was just because he looked stressed out from work.

While waiting outside Kichou asks Kitsuno if she had ever been in love during her previous life and she tells her she was which is why she married Nobunaga back then. Kichou tells her she wants to marry for love one day as Kitsuno points out that since she gets angry at other girls trying to take Nobunaga that means she already is if she marries him. Meanwhile after drinking some more Yuri gets up enough courage to tell Nobunaga to come with her somewhere they can be alone as he gets happy at what it could be thinking she wants to go to a love hotel.

This is what it looked like in the manga if you are curious to see we got nudity added during all these scenes.

After going to an area of the park away from everyone Yuri opens her top and tells Nobunaga to suck her breasts because they have been feeling strange. He has no idea what is going on but decides to go along with it.


Kichou and Kitsuno try to stop them as Yuri says she needs him to do it because of earlier. Yuri tells them that ever since he touched her in the previous episode her breasts have started to feel weird and so she needs him to touch them to stop it as she forces her breasts into his face. Nobunaga sees there is no choice and does what she asks. They also realize that Yuri must be possessed by a person from the past as well now because of that and would explain her behavior and Kichou asks Kitsuno if she can figure out who her ancestor was so they can figure out who it is possessing her.

Also here is more of the scene from the manga to give you an idea of how much of an improvement the show is.

This show does seem like it is going to be one of those in which the anime is better than the source due to them making the right kinds of changes.

After looking closely Kitsuno is able to figure out that Yuri is being controlled by someone who was her wet nurse back then and was also responsible for helping her deliver her child when she had one. Kichou then grabs Nobunaga away from her as Yuri keeps grabbing him to continue as the episode ends.



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So it looks like we didn’t need to wait to reach volume 3 to start seeing a lot of major nudity. We had nudity previously but it was only minor anime original stuff but here they gave a huge amount of anime original nudity instead. Not only did they make all the relevant scenes contain nudity but added more to the sucking then what was there in the manga. Due to this we had more nudity here than any other episode so far. It also seems for the time being Yuri might be the only one that is immune to censorship for her nudity from what we have seen so far. However like I said in the previous episode this could be because she has nudity in the manga already so even though the nudity we are getting here is anime original it’s not character original. So the characters that have yet to get nude in the manga and yet are getting anime original character nudity might be restricted to BD for that reason.

Since they skipped a chapter to get to this one faster it is hard to say what they will do with the next chapter.  This episode was chapter 10 and volume 2 ends on chapter 11 so hard to tell if they will let the next episode be the end of volume 2 and not skip it or jump right into volume 3 which introduces a new character. The chapter they skipped this week did have a bit of service for everyone and a imagination scene as well that we missed out on. Next week though they hopefully won’t skip the next chapter also since that one will give more Mayu non nudity that might be changed to censored nudity here for the BD but more importantly the next chapter does have an imagination sex scene in it. After seeing what they did previously with an imagination scene this could be the highlight of the next episode depending on what they do with it.

So next week we may get another wait for the BD type episode after getting this one filled with uncensored nudity. There is also the chance that they go straight to volume 3 next week as well and we will get service of the new character who is also shown in the credits (though I have my suspicions about their gender). I am mainly hoping we get far enough into volume 3 to get to the porn watching chapter and they don’t skip it. Actually that could even end up being the final episode depending on the pace they go. So far the show has been handling things well for the most part by keeping the major service scenes and even adding to them so let’s hope they keep up with doing that as we get into the last third of the show.

I have no idea if the next character is a trap or not. I mean the crotch doesn’t have anything but then there is an imagination scene by Mayu of Nobunaga getting fucked in the ass by the new character. We get nudity of the new character as well but that doesn’t really mean anything as they could just be flat so can’t tell. With no translations I can’t tell either. If they are a trap I am going to be so annoyed as I will have no idea how to do the post as I don’t want to be filling something up with manservice. Just hoping it’s a girl for real.

Glasses girl needs to get naked counter: 25 I better get the chance to increase this next week or better yet it actually deliver.