Nourin is good fun, living up to Silver Link’s usual standards


It’s easy to miss, but you can faintly see some pink panties behind that jar. This would hint at SOME changes coming.

Silver Link is a relatively new animation company best known for their surprise hit Baka and Test.  Since then they’ve made waves with Dusk Maiden of Amnesia and, for fans of nudity in anime, OniAi.

Just about everything they do is based on romantic comedies, love triangles or harems.

One thing about Silver Link is that their material often strays from the norm.  Baka and Test, if you haven’t seen it, was a very unique comedy based mostly on an especially silly style of humor, though it’s second season brought some powerful emotion to the mix as well.  Likewise, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia mixed fanservice and romantic comedy elements with the supernatural, horror elements, and a very emotional ending.  OniAi was one of just a couple imouto harem anime to draw for nudity on blu-ray.

The only thing unique about Nourin is how lacking it is in distinct qualities.  This is as close to a cookie cutter anime as Silver Link has done so far.

(Before I say anything more, I need to point out that this post only covers the first episode.  The second episode is available to watch, and I’ll probably watch it sometime this weekend with a follow up reaction.)

I’m only one episode in, but so far this has been an enjoyable romantic comedy with quite a few chuckle worthy moments.  If you are the kind of fan that takes anime way too seriously, you might want to look elsewhere.  For the rest of us who enjoy series in the same vein as Haganai, Nourin is a fun way to waste time.

In particular, I really like the casting in this show, especially Kana Hanazawa as the girl next door character (see pics below), who’s feelings for the main character seem strongly rooted in her overwhelming desire to earn her MRS degree. She’s sure to get dumped or lose out by the end of the series, but her desire for just being in a relationship makes her a prime candidate for a quick rebound, so I don’t think anyone will feel too sorry for her.

Hanazawa is usually type cast as loli characters, but she’s quite talented and it’s really nice to see her given normal roles every now and then.  This character type could have very easily veered into annoying territory, but Hanazawa makes the character fun and charming.

The main character is obsessed over an idol while thankfully lacking the creepy otaku personality traits you usually envision when thinking of idol obsessing types, particularly those who own dakimakura (the dakimakura scene in this episode was actually pretty funny in a Baka and Test kind of way).  Of course, by the end of the episode, the idol of his dreams is apparently enrolling at his school, sporting a far different appearance than her idol alter-ego.

As far as the fanservice goes, it’s non-nude and I expect it to remain that way.


There is opportunity for nipples on redraw, including some blatantly uncovered blank boobs, but when I envision all these near-nude scenes with nipples, they just seem super-awkward.  Considering the relatively high production values of this show and the relative quality of this series, I’m just not expecting to see nipples here.  It’s worth mentioning that the source material is non-nude as well.

I think this show will end up taking a very similar route to Dusk Maiden.  Lots of curvacious near nudity, but nothing more.

Still, if you like shows like Baka and Test or Haganai, you’ll probably enjoy Nourin.  It’s good fun and Silver Link always has a way of making you care about these characters by the end.