Okusan manga fanservice compilation


Manga tends to have nudity more often than anime does, and something I’ve noticed is that this is especially true for weird manga.  As a result, a lot of manga fanservice compilations come from very unique manga, and today is no exception.

As the name suggests, this manga is about a housewife.  Specifically, a very well endowed, mature housewife.  This manga makes no secret of its ecchi intentions, but does so in a way that seems extra appreciative of maternal qualities.

I dunno, I actually really liked this one, but I’ve always been partial to the older women in ecchi with characters like Aki from Maken-Ki!, among many others.

This manga is only scanned through three volumes and is still ongoing.  So far these three volumes contain only a few nipple sightings, but like Prison School, this manga knows how to be super sexy even with very low dosages of nudity.

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Okusan  (3 volumes, ongoing)



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