Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 11


Winning your waifu.


A minute and 16 seconds in the r18 version this time. Also another sex scene with a different position thus giving us some new service as a result.


Kuga is talking to Souichirou about what happened when he saw him and Nano together. He then asks if Nano was the girl that he always would talk about and he confirms it and says it has been that way since before he was even born. Kuga realizes that his brother knew her first and deserves her more especially after how he acted towards Nano when he first saw her and his brother together.

Souichirou hits him for suggesting that and yells at him for not defending himself and willing to give her up to him so easily. His brother admits that he could do his best to make her happy but that would do no good since her feelings are what matter and he knows that it is Kuga she loves. At that point Nano arrives which explains what the phone call at the end of the previous episode was since it was Souichirou calling her over.

Souichirou proves to Kuga what he means by asking Nano to marry him which she turns down and admits that she loves Kuga and tells him she is sorry she took so long to say it. Souichirou congratulates them and says he is fine with it as long as they are both happy and goes to leave.

Kuga tells¬†Souichirou he is sorry for taking Nano from him but he says not to worry since he never told him about anything till now so it isn’t his fault. He then sees the baseball mitt he gave to Kuga long ago when they were kids in a bag. Kuga tells him he knows how important that mitten was too him so he made sure to keep it safe all these years. Obviously this was meant to be symbolism to show that if Kuga can take care of his brothers baseball mitten that he gave him long ago all this time then he will certainly be able to take care of Nano the same way. Souichirou probably realizes that Kuga truly deserves Nano now and tells him to not do anything to make her cry anymore as he leaves.

Kuga and Nano tell each other how sorry they are for how they both acted while telling each other how much they love one another multiple times. In the standard version of the episode the next scene is this…

In the r18 version however you get the following instead..

The r18 content ends here with both versions joining up to finish the episode off with the next scenes.

Afterwards they both tell each other how happy they are and Kuga tells Nano he will take care of her and will do anything for her. With that the episode ends with next week being the ending.

Also the ED image has now changed once again to reflect the change in the story with both of them smiling now.


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This episode pretty much wrapped up all the story now with Nano finally admitting that she loves Kuga. Also the conflict with his brother has now been resolved leaving not much else left to do in the story. This could have served as the final episode but we still have one more left and hopefully since there is not much need for story at this point they go all out with service in the final episode. So next week should be just wrapping up some final things and if we are lucky delivering large amounts of service since they don’t really have much else left to do. Plus now that they both have admitted their feelings for each other they have no reason to hold back and hopefully this results in a bunch of scenes.

I was kind of pissed that they made it seem like we would get a girl on top scene only for it to instantly change to her sitting in his lap instead. was hoping we finally got to see her being assertive this time but I guess not. Hopefully the final episode we do.