Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 2


The best parents support your degeneracy.


Unfortunately it looks like the significant amount of extra time last week’s r18 version had over the standard isn’t going to be an every week thing. This week only has about 20 seconds more in it’s r18 version compared to the almost minute and a half of last week. We do get some more story though which explains some things about the overall plot and how the situation present in the show came to be.


Picking up from last episode when Nano realized that Souichirou was really Kuga she asks what is going on. Kuga tells her that Souichirou is his older brother and when he saw her picture and realized she was the one his father was trying to set up with his brother he decided to switch with him and dressed up to look like his older brother and meet her instead. She asks why he has a different last name and Kuga reminds her that his parents got divorced and as a result he went to live with his mother while his older brother lived with his father leading to them having two different last names.

Nano asks why he would disguise himself as his brother to meet with her and even go as far as to do everything they have so far as she tries to push him away. Kuga doesn’t give her an actual answer and instead continues with where they left off. Probably doesn’t want to admit to her that he likes her yet. Also at this point is where the extra time for the r18 version starts. If it is the standard version you get the following next…

If watching the r18 version the next scenes happen instead.

As he is getting ready to take off his pants Nano tells him she wants to stop now obviously because she has realized he is her student and it wouldn’t be right. Kuga tells her that she was fine with it just a few minutes before and it is then she realizes that she almost had sex with one of her students and what they were already doing so far and starts crying. If you want a full stitch of the manservice click here. At this point is when both versions join up to continue and the r18 scenes end. Also the next scene is different slightly depending on the version watched. The standard version shows this…

While the r18 version shows her top undone in this scene instead.

After she starts crying when she thinks about what she almost did with Kuga he stops what he is doing. He then asks her if she is still going to marry him since after she agreed to it earlier he already called his dad and told him about it and how happy he was. It is then that Nano calls his dad uncle because of how close she is to him. Since her dad and Kuga’s dad are friends she spent a lot of time with Kuga’s dad and he helped take care of her like she was his own daughter when she was a girl.

This also explains why he and her dad wanted to set his older son up with her. Obviously since Kuga was raised by his mother Nano never would have had any idea that her dad’s friend had a younger son to begin with and that it was Kuga. Kuga tells her not to worry and he will take care of her since he doesn’t want his dad to be sad if she decides not to marry him.

The next day Nano is thinking about what she should do about the situation. When she called Kuga’s dad he tells her that he found out about Kuga’s stunt and how she met his younger son instead but as long as she likes him that is all that matters and he is happy either way. He tells her that once Kuga graduates they will be able to get married and he can finally have her as his real daughter like he always wanted. Nano is unable to tell him anything about how she feels about the situation.

She then calls her parents to tell them about how Kuga is one of her students but they tell her it doesn’t matter and who cares. Obviously her parents must hang out with the parents from kissxsis to learn how to be supportive of something others might not.

As she is heading to her class she has to teach, Kuga pulls her into an empty room with him.

She pushes him back after he kisses her telling him she only agreed to marry him when she thought he was Souichirou. Kuga asks why his brother is fine and not him and she tells him it has nothing to do with him not being his brother but the fact that he is her student is the reason.

Kuga tells her that even if she says that he still knows how she acted when they were together before when she didn’t know who he was yet and he will remind her of what it was like. The episode ends at this point and presumably we will get the service this scene will provide at the start of the next episode. Also another thing to point out is that in the standard version of the episode this scene is static while in the r18 version you see him fondling her.

Also the ED credits were different this time so here is another stitch of it with the credits removed.

I’m guessing maybe each episode will have a different ED background.


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This episode had less service than the first episode which I’m thinking is going to be the trend with these shows. I guess we should start to expect the first episode of these to go all out and then drop off to slowly build up to something better afterwards as the show progresses. Based on how this episode ends there will hopefully be an increase of service next week at the start. It also seems like the extra time the r18 version receives isn’t going to be consistent with the same amount each episode but random much like Souryo was.

This episode did provide some back story though that helps set things up for why she can’t bring herself to get out of the marriage plans. Obviously the early episodes are probably going to be focused on her slowly coming to accept Kuga despite him being her student and eventually leading to a relationship with him and having no problem with the marriage just like how her parents and his dad are fine with it. Hopefully it won’t take long for that to happen since I imagine once she starts to agree to be in a relationship with him is probably when the best service will start to happen.


So did you find all the secret stuff in my October hentai post from yesterday? As of me writing this right now no one has came into the discord to say anything. I can’t believe no one even thought to click some of the things in that post that lead to the secrets. Then again very few probably even know about these messages which I have been doing for a year now in all of my posts. Hiding in plain sight does seem to be the best way to stay hidden I guess.