Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 6


Protecting your waifu leads to good things.


This broke the record again for most extra content. The r18 version this time contains a minute and 42 seconds of extra scenes. Most of this occurs near the end which is the sex scene we have now reached.


Some time has passed since the previous episode with it now being summer. Kuga calls Nano to tell her he has a day free and asks if she will spend the day and night with him at the beach and she agrees. When they arrive they see that his brother and dad are there as well because they are taking a break for Obon which is a Buddhist holiday in japan. Kuga also gets to talk to Nano’s mom and apologizes for the trick he did at the beginning of the show by pretending to be his brother but she tells him not to worry about it and even approves.

Kuga takes Nano somewhere away from the others staring at her since he tells her he gets jealous when others look at her making her happy. He then mentions how they agreed that tonight they would go further and she agrees and that in the meantime they should enjoy the day.

When Nano goes to get food she gets surrounded by some men who want her to go with them. When she refuses they start to get forceful just asĀ Souichirou and Kuga run in to chase them off. Kuga gets ready to fight them before they run away tillĀ Souichirou tells him he should be more concerned with making sure Nano is okay instead. So instead of fighting he goes to make sure she is fine and safe. Also these next scenes have some hilarious censorship in the standard version which I will show pics of as well.

When Nano is cleaning up from the beach Kuga tells her he is sorry for not preventing her from getting into that situation earlier and how his brother might be better than him. She tells him that isn’t the case and he did come to save her and it made her happy that he even got angry over people trying to hurt her. Kuga tells her he will keep trying to get better so he can make her even happier.

Nano admits to herself that she no longer cares how young he is or that they are teacher and student and that all that matters is that she loves him. At this point is when some things change based on the version being watched. It would be annoying to try and do this by interrupting in the middle so instead I will show how the next scene plays out in the standard version first (It skips a huge amount of scenes obviously) and then I will show the r18 version.

And that is it. That is seriously all you get in the standard version with the credits rolling right after that stuffed animal humping scene. I do find it funny that they censored condoms though since apparently safe sex is too lewd for tv. Remember kids before having sex you have to bite the head off of a stuffed bunny rabbit. Then again this is japan after all so maybe they don’t want to promote condom use since they already have a low birth rate to begin with. Now on the other hand if you are watching the r18 version the following scenes take place after the shower scene instead.

Kuga asks her if she really is okay with doing this first. Nano agrees and says she is sure. Kuga then puts on a condom since even though he would like for her to have his kid he knows that wouldn’t be good if it happened before they were married plus probably because of the whole teacher student thing as well before he graduates.

Kuga covers her eyes as they are doing it because he doesn’t want her to see the face he is making. But she says she wants to and pushes his hand away to see.

Afterwards Kuga tells Nano how much he loves her and that he hopes she loves him the same way someday since he is unaware that she already does. She doesn’t want to tell him yet but Nano thinks to herself how she already loves him the same way and the episode ends.


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We have now got the first sex scene at the halfway point which was around the time we got the first one in Souryo as well as opposed to having to wait till the end in Skirt. This show is already far superior to the other two but now that we have started to get to the sex stuff now that only makes it all the more apparent. This episode also gave even more extra time then the previous and I think this might be the most extra time we have gotten out of all the r18 shows as well so far. So this show just keeps on delivering better then the previous ones constantly. They could have made this episode the end to the show and it still would have not only been a fitting ending but still surpass the other r18 shows in only half the episodes.

We have both characters admitting to loving the other and now that sex has begun that leaves open a lot of possibilities for what kind of service we start to get next. And to top it all off we are only halfway done which is even better. Even though the show is short it is really delivering everything you could hope for from a show like this and that is rather impressive. The improvements this show has shown so far over the previous r18 shows really demonstrate how much better these types of shows get with practice. Makes for a very hopeful future for shows like this.


This is certainly a lot better than Seven’s other show they are doing this season which is King’s Game. Speaking of which I should have my post on that done when I stop being lazy and get to it. My posts on that show will be much different from these not only because each post will cover multiple episodes but the show itself doesn’t have a lot of service and as it’s not really a major fanservice show and as a result I will just be focusing on the service in that rather than the story also. It will be very different from how I do posts normally I can say that.