Omiai Aite wa Oshiego, Tsuyokina, Mondaiji fanservice review episode 7


When you get invited to your waifu’s house good things happen.


A minute and 18 seconds of extra content in the r18 version this time. Also like the previous episode we get more sex as well as moving onto oral also.


The next day Nano and Kuga wake up after the previous episode and Nano thinks about what they did.

Back at school Nano tries to convince Kuga to take part in the cultural festival since it is his last year and the girls in the class wanted him to be a waiter. He tells her he has no interest in it and Nano tells him she thinks he would look good as a waiter. After hearing her compliment him he gets closer to her. Also this next scene does have some censorship in the standard version as well.

Apparently 2 weeks have now passed since the previous episode and they haven’t had the chance to do anything since then. Kuga asks if they can do it right then since her calling him handsome made it hard to hold back. She says she doesn’t want to do it there probably out of fear of getting caught so they agree to continue on with it on Sunday when they have free time with her agreeing to let Kuga come to her house for the first time.

When Sunday arrives Kuga waits in Nano’s room while she goes to get drinks. During this time he discovers her hug pillow that she had hidden and she tells him her secret that she needs to hug it every night in order to fall asleep. In other words all the more reason for him to like her since she he could replace her pillow.

Kuga asks to look at photo albums she has so he can see what she looked like when she was his age and she shows him. After looking at the pictures though it makes him depressed since he says how he wishes he had been the same age as her and went to school with her so that he could have been with her back then as well. Nano tells him it is a good thing he wasn’t since she never talked to boys when she was younger and so if he had been her age and went to school with her she probably never would have talked to him and they never would have got the chance to be together like they are now. Telling him this makes him happier and less upset about it.

They begin to do things on the bed and Nano thinks about how she could relieve him of his worries he has if she would tell him that she loves him too but can’t bring herself to do it yet. The next scene is censored in the standard version along with the extra scenes in the r18 version replaced by the censored screen.

In the R18 version you get the following scenes instead.

Interesting that they focus on condoms in the show since they used one in the previous episode as well. Not something you see too often but makes it more realistic.

After this is when the extra content in the r18 version ends and both versions continue from this point.

The next day Nano is walking down the hall when she hears Kuga’s voice in another room and sees him with another girl and the episode ends. This is obviously going to be the commonly done misunderstanding that shows like this do with Nano thinking something else from what she sees rather than what is really happening. I am going to take a guess and say the girl hugging him is probably really taking his measurements for the waiter outfit that Nano talked about earlier in the episode. Kuga seeing Nano’s photo albums and how she dressed up during her culture festival and her saying he would look even better as a waiter earlier probably convinced him to do it to surprise her. Hopefully this gets resolved in the next episode to avoid boring misunderstanding drama.

Also the ED image changed slightly for this episode with Kuga and Nano having a shocked look on their face in the newest one. I assume it will change again after more story progression.

Normally I don’t post the final image shown after the credits that is in the standard version since it is usually nothing special but since this one was a pokemon parody I will.


Webm Album.


So it looks like sex might be a common occurring thing in the show after having it happen in the previous episode. Not only does this ensure plenty of good service for other episodes but we even got oral sex in this episode which is new so maybe we will get more new actions later as well. Also the increased length of the r18 version continues to be adequate and puts us well over the amount of extra content the previous r18 shows gave. It is amazing how vastly superior this show is compared to the previous ones. A bunch of decent service and the romance in the show is some of the most vanilla stuff you can get. Hopefully the show keeps it up and doesn’t add too much drama in after the way the episode ended.

What Kuga is upset about when looking at the albums is actually an interesting thing to be brought up in the show because I think a lot of people will have the same thought at least once in their life. When you do eventually marry someone whom you will be with for the rest of your life the thought will probably occur at some point of what would it had been like if you two had met earlier and got to experience your younger days together. Would you both had still ended up together if you met sooner? Or was it a good thing you met later as that lateness may be why you ended up together in the first place like Nano said. Philosophical questions from women’s romance porn is an interesting thing.