Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan – Fanservice Review Episodes 08 – 13

hakone eps 08 - 13 cover 01

Where do trolls go after an anime show ends?  Or are they too busy making the next anime show to troll ecchi fans with???


Ecchi fans got trolled.  No doubt about it.  Check out the all too brief onsen scene of a one-off ghost girl of all things in episode 09 and then it’s just cute girls playing at drama until the end…

Episode 08

hakone ep 08 stitch 01 hakone ep 08 stitch 02hakone ep 08 snapshot 01 hakone ep 08 snapshot 02 hakone ep 08 snapshot 03 hakone ep 08 snapshot 04

Episode 09

Very brief onsen scene.  Of a ghost girl more than anything else.  Too brief and not close enough and not as good as the onsen scene in episode 02.  Shame…

hakone ep 09 stitch 01 hakone ep 09 stitch 02 hakone ep 09 stitch 03 hakone ep 09 stitch 04 hakone ep 09 stitch 05hakone ep 09 snapshot 01 hakone ep 09 snapshot 02 hakone ep 09 snapshot 03 hakone ep 09 snapshot 04 hakone ep 09 snapshot 05 hakone ep 09 snapshot 06 hakone ep 09 snapshot 07 hakone ep 09 snapshot 08

Episode 10

The beginning of the final story arc.  Can tell already.  Way too much plot and not enough PLOT.  Miya is really cute though…

hakone ep 10 stitch 01 hakone ep 10 stitch 02 hakone ep 10 stitch 03 hakone ep 10 stitch 04 hakone ep 10 stitch 05 hakone ep 10 stitch 06 hakone ep 10 stitch 07 hakone ep 10 stitch 08hakone ep 10 snapshot 01 hakone ep 10 snapshot 02

Episode 11

Mc-kun really should just give in and say yes to Miya.  She’s crushing on him so badly.  But then Haruna gets really jealous…

hakone ep 11 stitch 01 hakone ep 11 stitch 02 hakone ep 11 stitch 03hakone ep 11 snapshot 01 hakone ep 11 snapshot 02 hakone ep 11 snapshot 03 hakone ep 11 snapshot 04

Episode 12

Onsen spirit girls playing at being pirates???

hakone ep 12 stitch 01 hakone ep 12 stitch 02 hakone ep 12 stitch 03 hakone ep 12 stitch 04 hakone ep 12 stitch 05hakone ep 12 snapshot 01 hakone ep 12 snapshot 02

Episode 13

And the creators must have run out of money…  Too rushed.  Too many stills.  Too much timeline for a short anime show.  Too much plot.  Not enough PLOT.  But at least it’s over and we got to see adult Hakone-chan one more time.  With an adult Miya as an added bonus.

hakone ep 13 img 01 frame hakone ep 13 img 02 frame hakone ep 13 img 03 frame

hakone ep 13 img 04 frame hakone ep 13 img 05 stitch hakone ep 13 img 06 frame hakone ep 13 img 07 stitch hakone ep 13 img 08 frame hakone ep 13 img 09 frame hakone ep 13 img 10 frame hakone ep 13 img 11 stitch hakone ep 13 img 12 frame hakone ep 13 img 13 stitch hakone ep 13 img 14 frame hakone ep 13 img 15 frame hakone ep 13 img 16 frame hakone ep 13 img 17 frame hakone ep 13 img 18 frame

Best Girl

Candidates in order of appearance:

And the winner is….

Hard to resist a well built onee-san miko girl!  But all the main girls were cute.  Except the scary little spirit girl with twin tails…

Official Art

Are we getting trolled on official art too?  I couldn’t find any new posters or HD  official art so Haruna wins once again.

hakone eps 08 - 13 offart 01


This is not the mildly ecchi show we were looking for.  Move along now…

Oh how we got trolled by episodes 01 and 02…  I can’t recommend this show for ecchi fans.  Did like the cute character designs, especially Haruna, and I had fun making stitches.  But it looks like Komori-san Can’t Decline! was actually the more ecchi of the anime shorts this season.  Go figure…


You can find the full version of the cover image for this article here.  You can also find it in the stitches for episode 10.

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