Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 12 Fanservice Review

Happy ending for the dungeon crew

Noir and his harem continue their battle to save Olivia from the death chains. But not before a flashback to Olivia’s mysterious past.

A boy who looks very similar to Noir, once begged Olivia to train him to become a strong hero. Apparently he would not take no for an answer.

I tried to remove the steam from this scene, and as you can imagine there were no nipples. Won’t be added in the blu ray either.

Eventually, Olivia gives in and allows the boy to study under her. If he can strike her.

Olivia begins to take a liking to the young adventurer, and is taught how to perform a few spells. Tragedy soon strikes when he tries to save a child  from a monster, and winds up dead.

So this explains her motives up until this point, why she gave Noir the powers to begin with. It apparently wasn’t just a random plot contrivance for Noir to be busted beyond belief – she was tring to make up for past mistakes. How touching.

Back to where the last episode left off, the adventurers must defeat the death chains to free Olivia from captivity. The harem comes to Noirs aid to save him from death.

There’s a certain ab lover in the fapservice community who would love this shot of wannabe Tifa Lockheart.

Noir, in a rare moment of brilliance, figures out how to beat the death chains by sacrificing all of his skills except for one to gain power. It is supereffective.

You can vaguely make out a nipple bump here. Somewhat surprising, considering how tame the ecchi in this series has been. Its also kinda funny how all of their breast sizes have balooned just for this scene.

the most passionate kiss of the season was saved for last. Emma did receive the most fanservice in the end, while the other girls were distant favorites. If you happen to favor any of the other waifus, you might be salty over this development.

and that’s all folks. This was a solid entry to the non-nude ecchi comedy genre. The fanservice never went further than kissing, occasional grinding and panty shots, but still entertaining if you enjoy a fun harem set up that creates endless excuses for fanservice and  doesn’t take itself too seriously.

My favorite character in the end was Emma, for no reason other than her tits being the biggest. I don’t think we ever see her in lingerie, which is an immeasurable disappointment. I wish there was more content involving the little sister, as well as Olivia who Noir never has any lewd scenes with, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers in the modern ecchi environment.

I doubt this gets a continuation, and I will not be reading the source material to know what happens after this point, so this is probably the end of the series for fapservice coverage. Hope someone liked it as much as I did.

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