Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 3 Fanservice Review

+1 to harem

Continuing the pattern here, Noir adds another girl to his harem. This one being a militant teacher with a great ass. More on that later. First, sister time.

This show has great comedic timing and self awareness about ecchi tropes. I’m just as often laughing as I am horny when watching this show, which to me is a great balance to strike for an ecchi.

After that morning disturbance, Noir is off to do his usual ritual with his busty childhood friend Emma.

Maria is one of the only nobles in this show that isn’t an entitled bitch. She treats commoners and royalty as if they were equal. Most importantly, she’s cute. Naturally Noir takes a liking to her and she will reappear down the line.

This is Elna.

Elna is best girl.

You can disagree, but you would be wrong. Elna is the training instructor for the hero class, and she shows no mercy.

this is the second consecutive wager that is tilted heavily in Noir’s favor. Fairly predictable what the outcome will be, as Noir is broken beyond belief.

what a prize. Exhibit A of why Elna is best girl and Noir the luckiest MC in existance.

this already more lewd than I expected this show to be. Like yeah it’s still not nudity. But ass grinding is above the usual generic upskirt panty shots and swimsuit reveals. I appreciate the effort to be a bit creative, even if its still restrictive.

Maria is not intentionally stuffing her boobs in Noir’s face, unfortunately. She’s rather sickly due to a curse that will end her life at age sixteen. Things got dark kinda fast there.

Noir vows to end that curse by whatever means he can. He calls upon his sage ability to find a way to earn enough LP to reverse the curse. That advice isn’t so helpful, though.

There’s like no way to interpret this other than they had sex. But obviously the implication isn’t to be taken at face value when this is ultimately a tease ecchi.

This episode introduced a new best girl, in the form of a strict sensei with a firm ass. Next episode will introduce another new girl, who may or may not be best girl.

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