Ore dake Haireru Kakushi Dungeon Episode 9 & 10 Fanservice Review

To Peep or Not To Peep

This post will combine two episodes into one post due to lack of fanservice. Episode 9 involves Emma being courted by royals at a dance party, only for Noir to attend the party and reclaim his waifu.

How cute. Always nice to see anime girls in different attire than their usual outfits.

This is episode is full of japanese gaming parodies. You probably recognize the Persona reference above.

Seem familiar? A not too transparent reference to the world famous Tifa Lockhart.

The phantom thief is promptly defeated by Noir and Emma, who share a tender moment in the aftermath. Emma receives more attention than any member of the harem, by far, so its safe to say she’s the prefered end partner. Unfortunate if you consider someone else to be best girl.

Getting an endcard this sexy when the anime is comparatively tame always feels jarring to me. In any case, episode 10 below is the fated hot springs episode.

As is customary for hot spring episodes, you have the perverted peepers trying to spy on the opposite sex. One can hardly blame them.

to the contrary, this where the fun starts. The peepers advance onto the battlefield and are met by two formidable adversaries.

Yes, that is Younger Toguro from Yu Yu Hakusho. The perverted energy and raw determination of this dedicated pervert has caused him to summon immense strength. That is promptly defeated by the noble Noel, who continues to be broken.

As a reward for defeating the invading perverts and protecting the girls,  he is allowed into the bathhouse and receives lots of special service.

This can be interpreted in no way other than they had sex. But you know implication doesn’t equal reality for shows of this ilk. Still a fun scene though.

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